Health science cancer patients fall

By | April 4, 2012

Fall health science cancer patients: first, the conditioning diet meals should fall as the basic principles of Yin and lungs. Old and weak stomach, eat porridge method can be used morning to stomach fluid, such as the lily lotus porridge, rice porridge Tremella rock sugar, apricot Ren Chuanbei glutinous rice porridge, black sesame porridge and so on.
Second, early bed and early to bed early response to sex fluid collection, early to Shuda yang. Modern research shows that appropriate early autumn, can reduce the chance of thrombosis; get up before the proper multi-lying a few minutes and stretch activities about the body, the prevention of thrombosis is also important.
Third of cancer patients fall health science, enhance physical autumn weather getting cold, and not about to increase too much, intended to freeze a frozen body, subjected to a number of cold air of the exercise, which is increase the body's ability to adapt to the winter's cold climate important ways.
Fourth, the prevention of disease late fall cooler weather, this period is the incidence of stroke and myocardial infarction in the peak period, very easily lead to sudden death. Chronic bronchitis, emphysema and pulmonary heart disease in people, to climate change is also very sensitive, easily lead to recurrence, disease progression.
Fifth health science cancer patients fall, fall prevention Qiuzao dry climate, and thus faster evaporation of skin moisture, it could easily lead to dry skin, more wrinkles, dry throat pain, constipation, etc., so fall prevention is an important health Qiuzao principles. Room to maintain a certain humidity, emphasis added body of water, avoid strenuous exercise to fatigue and wear and tear gas and liquid.
Sixth, Shensi large amount of fresh fruits and summer fruits though not cause stomach infected patients, they are to decreased gastrointestinal disease resistance, after the large amount of fresh fruits and autumn, is bound to damage Spleen dampness more help, into the Eat fruits in autumn should be followed, spleen Deficiency shall, in particular taboo.
Seventh, timely tonic principles of Chinese medicine treatment of those who make up the virtual, not the patient should not use tonic Xu Zheng. Note tonic amount, avoid the drugs on behalf of the food, to promote Sibu. Tonic to Yin and moistening the fall based, such as Silky, lung, turtle meat, bird's nest, white fungus, honey, sesame, walnut, lotus root, Qiu and so on.
Health science cancer patients fall the eighth, multi-Yin Tang water fall air is dry, the tonic soup made items to take more appropriate. Generally preferable to Sibu, choose fresh cabbage, radish, lotus root and other add fish, meat soup, such as peanut chicken soup, beef and lotus root soup. Fever may also have a diuretic effect of eating cold fruit such as apples, Sydney, can add a lot of vitamins and trace elements. Not appropriate to drink beverages containing gas, the choice of Panda Hai add rock sugar or honey chrysanthemum white soaking, can add the body of water, but also played the role of health care treatment

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