Digestive system cancer prevention – prevention of cancer spread knowledge

By | April 5, 2012

Digestive system cancer prevention 1. Precancerous lesions
Digestive system of various tumors, including esophageal precancerous esophageal epithelial hyperplasia, especially in severe hyperplasia and esophageal cancer more closely. Gastric precancerous lesions, including chronic gastritis, intestinal metaplasia and so on. Precancerous lesion of colorectal cancer is colorectal polyps. Precancerous lesions of liver cancer include persistent unhealed hepatitis B, liver cirrhosis and low concentrations of AFP continues to rise and so on. Precancerous lesion of gallbladder cancer, including cholecystitis, cholelithiasis and so on.
Digestive system cancer prevention 2. Digestive system of the risk factors of deer
Esophageal cancer with low nutrient levels, including the long-term intake of mycotoxins in food, fast food, hot food and food related rough. Gastric cancer and low-protein diet, high salt, less fresh food and so on. Colorectal cancer and high-fat, low fiber meal. Liver cancer and low-protein, containing mycotoxins in food, infected with hepatitis B and so on. In addition, the living environment pollution and water pollution, air pollution, in particular, the incidence of cancer, smoking also affects the digestive system.
Digestive system cancer prevention 3. Digestive system can be preventive cream
Digestive system cancer and diet, the more closely the relationship between the environment, increasing the possibility of its prevention. World Health Organization has pointed out that the primary prevention of cancer, which includes risk factors for cancer prevention.
Digestive system cancer prevention 4. Early detection, early treatment
Most of the digestive system cancer is early detection of esophageal cancer by the oral cytology dragnet was diagnosed early. Gastric cancer by fecal occult blood examination, endoscopy, etc., can be early detection. Colorectal cancer by fecal occult blood test and digital rectal examination and the early detection. Detection of liver cancer and by the early detection of AFP.

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