Tumor anti-cancer foods – asparagus

By | April 26, 2012

Tumor anti-cancer foods – asparagus, this product is a more high-grade vegetables, generally more expensive, many people may not be familiar with it. But in recent years across the country are expanding acreage of asparagus, and many shops and markets are sold. Not go far because of fresh goods, many of the asparagus is sold in cans.
Asparagus is very rich in nutrients, where Hu Luoka factors, vitamin C and Vitamin B is especially rich. Asparagus also contains aspartic cool plastic, aspartic acid, arginine and other amino acids and rutin, mannan, choline, a variety of simplified test soap, yellow remuneration compounds, glutathione and other Valley of biological de- active substances.
Asparagus also has the function of inhibiting cancer cell proliferation of lymphatic cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer have a certain effect. Some people think that anti-cancer substances in asparagus may be one of the tissue protein, the protein can effectively control cell growth, but no systematic study and sufficient evidence.
Animal experiments also show that the asparagus with the anti-cancer effect. Domestic research staff with a certain concentration of asparagus juice fed mice was observed in mice inhibited the growth of lung cancer cells. In vitro cell culture experiments also showed that asparagus juice on nasopharyngeal cancer, cervical cancer, esophageal cancer cells have a certain in vitro. Study found that asparagus juice can enhance immune function and promote the proliferation of peripheral blood T lymphocyte transformation, one of the mechanisms inferred asparagus cancer by increasing the immune system to function indirectly.
While eating asparagus often found cases of cancer reported by the media, but after a rigorous scientific design of clinical studies have not been introduced. Nutritious asparagus, fresh sweet-scented, conditional patients try.
On the method of eating asparagus, are the following for reference:
Asparagus salad: Wash and cut wire or sheet, welding fish out in the boiling water, add spices and mix well and serve.
Shredded pork asparagus: You can choose according to personal preferences lean quality fresh pork, lamb hind leg, beef, chicken, etc., and the other wire to take the same amount of asparagus. Till the first five mature pork into the pan stir 2-3 minutes, then add the asparagus wire fry, clean wok before adding salt, soy sauce and other condiments can be.
Asparagus soup: fresh asparagus, stems each 100 grams of rice, jujube 20. Wash the fresh asparagus, cut into 1 cm long segment, the jujube washed, stems m after scouring the net with the pot, add water, amount, Wei Huo boiled thick porridge. 2-3 times a day warm clothes.
Tumor anti-cancer foods – asparagus, in addition, can be chosen as the eating habits according to the patients meet their taste dishes. All stages of cancer can eat asparagus as adjuvant therapy, especially during chemotherapy and radiotherapy, asparagus can reduce treatment side effects.

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