TCM treatment of cancer drugs

By | April 26, 2012

Chinese medicine treatment of cancer drugs, traditional Chinese medicine has long recognized the tumor, the tumor occurrence and development of insights, clinical practice, also received a certain effect. In modern times, the help of advanced science and technology, as well as in and the process of integrative medicine, Chinese medicine continues to deepen understanding of the tumor, the status of Chinese medicine treatment of cancer have gradually been affirmed.
(A) According to the clinical experience of many years of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of tumor characteristics:
1: Emphasis on drug and debate dialectical combination of disease agents.
2: should be flat fill, avoid nourishing, should warm flat, avoid the bitter cold: in advanced radiotherapy and chemotherapy, general weakness, then fill the empty, but virtual free fill, fill level at this time should not be pirated, should be gradual, If the drug is easily hurt the bitter cold of the spleen and stomach, should adopt the temperature level of the drug, the stomach was healthy, overcast tumor was scattered.
3: The emphasis on the application of righting drugs: lack of righteousness throughout the tumor incidence is always, therefore, put great emphasis on righting cancer treatment drug applications, such as Ganoderma lucidum, cordyceps, ginseng.
4: The dosage should be large: the complexity of tumor disease, an illness ills, medication can not be non-weight agents, but the use of toxic drugs, the dose must be strictly controlled, the disease lasts, to avoid poisoning.
5: the principle of pain medication: medication by step, on time and medication, for oral administration.
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