Differentiation in Chinese medicine cancer treatment

By | April 26, 2012

Cancer treatment in Chinese medicine differentiation 1. Centralizer centralizer treatment and social evil that make up the treatment method for the deficiency, is the use of drugs to help righteousness, and with proper nutrition and functional training to enhance physical fitness, increase body resistance to diseases, to to cure of disease. This is the "righting the Law of evil" approach, applicable mainly to the positive imaginary Syndrome. Clinical use of the patient's condition according to Qi, blood, yin, yang and other methods. Law of evil that is reducing method for the evidence, is to use the attack by the evil of drugs and drug treatment, method of eliminating pathogenic factors. This is the "Law of the righting evil" approach, applicable to Xie Sheng-based syndromes. Clinical use can be made according to the disease, capture, Shenshi, diuresis, consumer guide, stasis and other methods.
2. The same disease with different treatment, different diseases the same tumor as the etiology and pathogenesis is different in different patients, even in the same patient in different stage of disease may exhibit different symptom, treatment, need to take a different principle. For example, gastric cancer can be expressed as spleen Deficiency, silt intrinsic toxicity, such as qi and blood loss, treatment should be to take a different approach. Instead, different tumors can have the same pathogenesis, the symptom showed similar treatment can be taken on the same principle. For example, lung and liver qi stagnation and blood stasis can occur, hot toxic silt end, treatment can take the same approach.
Differentiation in Chinese medicine cancer treatment 3. Reinforcing and reducing the actual situation when a weak organs, in addition to directly complement the treatment of organs, but also indirectly benefit its parent dirty. This is called "filling in the parent virtual", such as the spleen and lung-student relationship is the mother phase. If less than lung, can affect the mother dirty. Patients with chronic cough lung deficiency of the spleen and stomach appeared sluggish, eat less Luk and other evidence, treatment may be "filling in the virtual parent" the principles of Spleen Yifei, the so-called "golden earth," often receive good effect. When an organ disease is due to actual disease caused by dirty his son when the mother can be to cure diarrhea Seed dirty, called "actually spilled his son." For example, anger Piansheng closure of possession of renal function caused by the emission dream vent, in the treatment of liver should Qing Xie Sheng of the real, the anger was flat, then the lid on the kidney function will recover, emission leakage may be a dream followed and more. Treatment of cancer patients and the reality of disease and syndrome occurs, it should first understand the relationship between organs and effectively master the principle of reinforcing and reducing the actual situation.
4. "Guarantee of the day after tomorrow" and "make the birth of the" Chinese medicine, "Pi" is acquired the book, the normal function of the spleen and stomach to ensure the transportation of refined Mizutani, maintain the normal operation of the body blood. Cancer patients and the tumor toxin by various treatments, especially radiotherapy and chemotherapy effects, the spleen and stomach are often subject to different degrees of damage, leading to loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, eating less, and diarrhea. This is caused by a body weakened, decreased disease resistance, affected the implementation of the treatment, and even there an important reason for cachexia. Therefore, the situation for the patient weak stomach, spleen and stomach given timely treatment is very important. "Kidney" for the birth of the Yin Yuanyang is where the hidden element. Management of the renal function of body organs is the source of human life. Modern medical research shows that many kidney cancer patients the drug can enhance immune function. Therefore, the solid "the birth of the" is also an important part of the treatment of cancer. Cancer patients after radiotherapy and chemotherapy, often there will be double-Qi and Yin deficiency, treatment is appropriate to spleen Qi, nourishing the liver and kidney of the law.
Cancer treatment in Chinese medicine differentiation in the tumor throughout the course of the disease, continue to occur between good and evil with mutual restraint, mutual growth and decline and other changes in treatment should be the "righting" and "Law evil" dialectical combination, according to illness, or righting the main, or main cowardly evil, or after the law first centralizer evil, or to France after righting evil, or evil and righting with the law applied. Generally, cancer patients have early stage disease exists, physical fitness is still good, evil should be the main GUI. After various treatments, the disease has been cleared or almost cleared, the body with varying degrees of injury, should be righting the main. Sometimes both diseases exist, there are physical weakness, the centralizer and the law should be used in conjunction with evil.

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