The formation of clinical experience in the treatment of integrative medicine

By | April 5, 2012

Clinical experience in Integrative Medicine (1) After several decades of long-term clinical practice, Chinese medicine and modern medicine is based on the basic theories and knowledge to guide summarizes the treatment of cancer of Integrative Medicine four principles: distinguish tumor treatment and syndrome treated with a combination; Gui evil (cancer) treatment with the combination therapy centralizer; local treatment combined with the overall treatment; short-term treatment with the combination of long-term photo transfer. Guided by these principles, reasonable arrangements for TCM and Western medicine treatment, but no matter what kind of treatment, as long as the patient is suitable and effective implementation can be arranged, which reflects the complementarity between Chinese and Western Medicine, Integrative Medicine to play the best results or simply to obtain more simple western medicine must be good effect.
Clinical experience in Integrative Medicine (2) Chinese medicine in the treatment of malignant tumors before and after the application child: research shows that replenishing agents before and after surgery medicine such as Mao injection parameters, such as Polyporus polysaccharide injection on postoperative recovery and the island improved immune function to a certain extent improve and enhance the role; some of preoperative anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine preparation, such as the emulsion of Brucea javanica (10%) after removal of the specimen can be seen down the cancer nest in the degeneration and necrosis of cancer cells, cancer peri changes in immune cell infiltration. TCM Differential Treatment of postoperative patients can promote the adjustment of the spleen and stomach, blood can be restored, recovered well, to further radiotherapy, chemotherapy and create the conditions laid a foundation. At present, where the tumor can be implemented should be the preferred surgical resection therapy, in patients able to clear the eyes see, foci, greatly limits the body's cells to reduce the number of patients, so that the host (patient) compared with the cancer cells Potential changes in favor of the host, but also help to break the immune cells closed. Damage caused by surgical operation and treatment are available to make the recovery in the Western, in particular the role of Chinese medicine in this case deserves attention.
Clinical experience in Integrative Medicine (3) Chinese medicine and radiation therapy, chemotherapy can play a combination of attenuated synergies. This is the most studied over the years, the most common method of Integrative Medicine, has also made great progress. Use of radiotherapy and chemotherapy-sensitive tumor cell killing effect, while the overall use of righting adjustments in the role of medicine, both to achieve maximum kill cancer cells but also fully protect the environment from or reduction of the body radiotherapy and chemotherapy damage and destruction, Both complement each other, complement each other. Effective anti-cancer radiation, but also as the so-called "toxic heat" as the body cause damage both Qi and Yin injury syndrome, Chinese law by Yiqiyangyin comprehensive treatment, can really play a reduced role of radiation toxicity; the same time The study also showed that Chinese medicine can improve the microcirculation of the mark to promote blood circulation, increase the oxygen content of the lesion cells, cancer cells that lack oxygen become sensitive to radiation, thereby increasing the radiation effect. Studies have shown that radiation therapy at the same time, with Qi Yin Ng, Chinese medicine can increase blood of patients with esophageal cancer marks three years after radiotherapy, the survival rate five years.
Clinical experience in Integrative Medicine (4) the combination of medicine and immunotherapy may complement each other: Studies show that many Chinese medicines and prescriptions to promote good immune function and immune regulation, some have been found to be effective biological response modifier (BRM) on cellular immune function to enhance and promote the induction of endogenous interferon, interleukin and other immune factors has some effect on enhancing the body's inherent ability to help anti-cancer defense. If Huangwa polysaccharide, ginseng trial, Ligustrum lucidum pigment, lentinan, Coriolus versicolor skin are examples of such. The development of modern medicine, immunotherapy soon, such as the blood interleukin-II, interferon, LAK cells, TIL cells, skin, thymus, immune RNA, tumor necrosis factor and other applications, so modern immunotherapy has entered a new stage . However, these single and adoptive immunotherapy in advanced cancer patients failed to resolve the issue. The compound Chinese medicine, especially in the overall immune regulation is also a regulator of neural endocrine function of organs, to improve the general condition of cancer patients and improve the quality of life of patients with a more unique aspects of the role, so the Chinese medicine and modern immunotherapy the combination will enhance the effect.
Clinical experience in Integrative Medicine (5) research and development of pharmaceutical preparations in the treatment of cancer: over recent years were developed for cancer therapy drugs, the increasing number of varieties, these drugs can be divided into two categories. One is simply righting as adjuvant treatment of cancer drugs, such as Chen Mao-righting granules, spleen and kidney granules, PUPS, Yun Ling, sugar, skin, etc., use an increasingly wide range; The other is the anti-tumor medicine, such as emulsion of Brucea javanica, Zhan Hua Su, matrine injection, tablets and other consumer level, these drugs have some indications. But the real efficacy of drugs clearly are not many applications are limited. Fluorouracil little homes are common gastrointestinal cancer drugs, which inhibit the toxic side effects and bone marrow, blood drop, appetite and so on. Therefore, the choice that can improve the blood to protect the Wei Qi in Chinese medicine, and fluorouracil throat slightly pressed into the compound with a little dawn fluorouracil tablets can reduce the toxicity by patient satisfaction. Another example is the bit-part player Pill Angelica chronic myeloid leukemia have a certain effect, after repeated screening found mainly indigo that blindly drug, the use of modern pharmacology, medicine and so on means, from which the active ingredient eleven 'to Yuhong, indeed greatly improved ease of self-leukemia effect, created a unique new drugs in China. In addition, camptothecin, vincristine, three cedar base, combined with colchicine and so is the great achievements in medicine in order to overcome the tumor to make a contribution.

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