Health care and rehabilitation to prevent breast cancer

By | April 6, 2012

Preventive health care and rehabilitation of breast cancer: Breast cancer is a disease closely related with the endocrine, hormone secretion, once the body off balance, leading to excessive secretion of estrogen, ductal epithelial cells will be stimulated by estrogen to the normal development dysplasia, and then there is the possibility of cancer. Genetic, nutritional imbalance, bad habits and mental health can lead to breast cancer incidence. Thus, in breast cancer prevention, health care is equally important.
1. Control the balance of scientific endogenous growth hormone, to avoid early pregnancy and abortion education. Promote human milk feeding.
2. To reduce or avoid the intake of exogenous sex hormones, such as high proportion of hormone composition health nutrition, year-round use of oral contraceptives.
3. Good eating habits, especially post-menopausal women should reduce the high protein, high fat food intake. Increase the intake of food rich in vitamin. Corrected smoking, drinking, staying up late, living without the law and other bad habits.
4. Regular checks enhance anti-cancer awareness and adhere to the monthly self-test and regular professional doctors.
5. Vertical hold the principle of early diagnosis and early treatment with the doctor if it is found to be positive with timely treatment. Early and middle to put in the surgery-based comprehensive treatment of late with chemotherapy, supplemented by endocrine therapy and traditional Chinese medicine.
6. Rehabilitation exercises under the guidance of the medical rehabilitation exercises after surgery.

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