Common concurrent symptoms of radiation therapy treatment

By | April 6, 2012

Common concurrent symptoms of radiation therapy treatment (a) General Nursing
1. To do psychological counseling and protection of patient privacy.
2. Functional training, assessment of functional recovery of the affected arm, with reference to functional recovery after surgery for breast cancer continue to be part of the rehabilitation of patients with guidance.
3. Guide the respiratory system in patients with functional exercises.
4. Eating high protein, high calorie, high vitamin diet, drink more water.
5. Good psychological care to ensure that patients sleep.
6. Try to avoid upper limb blood pressure, vein puncture and so on.
Common concurrent symptoms of radiation therapy treatment (b) issues related to radiation
1. Radiation field of skin
(1) avoid exposure to wild skin friction, avoid physical and chemical factors that stimulate, avoid scratching, bath towels rubbed coarse disabled, the local dry with a soft towel.
(2) wear a soft cotton gown, and timely replacement, radiation field to keep the skin clean and dry.
(3) The limb was "akimbo" shape, underarm skin to reduce friction.
(4) reaction occurs when dry skin, avoid tearing peeling, generally do not do special treatment, if their primary concern with significant available Biya Fen, Wei Sike, gold coated surface of the skin due to skin.
(5) moist skin reaction, we can use exposure therapy, local Tu Hirudoid tone or ice milk mussel oil or Biya Fen, Wei Sike, rehabilitation and new, gold for the skin.
(6) appears ulcer necrosis, radiation therapy should be suspended, local dressing, line anti-inflammatory treatment and treated with these drugs, reduce pain and control the infection, if prolonged unhealed ulcer and deep, may be considered surgery, but also try hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
2. Radiation-induced lung injury in both thoracic radiotherapy may cause different degrees of lung injury prevention should be strengthened.
(1) to guide patients to stop smoking and drinking. Avoid fatigue, fewer trips to public places.
(2) to provide quiet and comfortable retreat environment and reduce adverse stimuli.
(3) to keep warm, keep indoor air fresh and disease, to prevent respiratory infections.
Common concurrent symptoms of radiation therapy for 3. Radiotherapy with guidance when
(1) full exposure to radiation when the radiation field site.
(2) remember the positioning of the position, each irradiation head, hands, body as much as possible to maintain the same position.
(3) Technician swing position, with the comfortable position, course of treatment, involuntary movements.
(4) radioactive impairment of shoulder mobility, upper extremity lymphedema, etc., to rehabilitation care.

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