Cancer prevention and treatment of Integrative Medicine Prospects

By | April 5, 2012

Future Combat Cancer Integrative Medicine (1) Integrative Medicine must learn from each other, and avoid weaknesses: TCM treatment of cancer is by no means a simple combination of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine treatment of a simple collage-style improvise, surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy is an effective method evil cancer means, should be fully utilized, and its deficiency is caused by damage to the patient and side effects, just in terms of Chinese medicine has a unique role in righting conditioning, attenuated efficiency can be achieved with the proper purpose. The Chinese medicine is its anti-cancer short, clear foci of force is not designed not strong, so attack the Chinese alone, fire with fire, Endometriosis, heat detoxification, blood circulation reach of Angola, also significantly reduced tumor objective response or disappearance of the individual on the exclusion of Chinese medicine in cancer treatment methods of modern medical treatment simply focus on the traditional Chinese medicine to treat cancer is to avoid long-short, affect the efficacy. The future of medicine and radiotherapy, chemotherapy, when the combination of research should focus on the synergistic effect of Chinese medicine in order to get a better dose of the same effect, or reduce the radiotherapy and chemotherapy dose, reduced the toxicity but can be achieved with conventional dose effect, pending further research in this area.
(2) vigorously several great law of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer of modern research: the rule of TCM, especially the "righting training of the" Law and the "blood of paralysis" method of research should be carried out systematically and deeply, take full advantage of the known modern scientific methods and techniques to clarify the role of the two principles of law and the real efficacy to righting and cancer study two aspects, we can better understand and recognize the role of Chinese medicine and modern treatment of how to better means to improve the efficacy of the combination. Traditional so-called "nourishing vitality," "nourishing qi," "Spleen Qi", "YangYinShengJin", "nourish liver and kidney", "kidney yang," and other common centralizer governance law, its role is as a whole, The regulation where, how works are to be clarified.
Future Combat Cancer Integrative Medicine (3) At present, long-term survival of cancer patients is the main problem of tumor recurrence and metastasis, such as to reduce the recurrence and metastasis, will greatly enhance the efficacy of a step, Chinese medicine treatment of cancer has been shown in this area signs, how to use modern medical basic research on recurrence and metastasis of research to study the traditional Chinese medicine and reduce the recurrence of the transfer will help to improve the treatment of cancer of Integrative Medicine efficient and long-term survival. At present, hypercoagulability and carry out cellular immune function in other aspects of the anti-metastasis effect of medicine is under way, it is very difficult, especially in the observation of clinical research is a long and difficult work.
(4) make full use of technical and theoretical achievements of modern biology to conduct basic research in Integrative Medicine: Cancer of the modern research is changing, tumor etiology, pathogenesis research is thorough, especially in molecular biology, oncogenes and suppression cancer genes in cancer research has led to the deepening, as the means and methods of modern research on how to study the role of Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine in particular, the performance of various aspects of malignant cancer cells, changes in target cells Sanso, oncogenes and suppression the impact of cancer genes, nuclear DNA, RNA, and the impact on the regulation of various immune factors, to elucidate the pharmacological treatment of cancer medicine and therapeutic mechanism will bring great progress and the importance of domestic scientific research units have been started in this area work in the future when the strong development of these new research areas and areas at a low level a lot of unnecessary duplication.
(5) to improve the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer, integrative medicine is an important issue. Over the years, domestic scholars have been looking for effective anti-tumor medicine single herb and compound one by one. Single herbs has successfully developed the treatment of chronic myelogenous leukemia and effective natural indigo and indirubin drums; spot quite agents, camptothecin agents, matrine preparations, Brucea javanica emulsion and so on, has made some achievements, but also only drug treatment increased the number of species only, even after purification of the active ingredient is the same as a chemotherapy drug, the level of tumor therapy cancer treatment to improve and solve the problem without major Mei Yi. The advantages of Chinese medicine and is not a single herb or compound of the anti-tumor effect, more importantly, to adjust the overall function of patients have Shitiao the conditions to be established under the disease pathogen both new balance and stability. Therefore, in patients with advanced cancer, Chinese medicine can often reduce the patients pain and prolong the survival time and quality of life. We should vigorously develop and find new targets of different herbs and effective agents to identify its active ingredients, improve the therapeutic effect. In addition, an urgent need to study and solve the problem is how to improve the route of administration of Chinese medicine to improve the efficacy and quality. The main direction of future research can be made effective herbal infusion or intramuscular injection of traditional Chinese medicine, will bring good news to terminally ill treatment; formulation of reform is to improve one of the ways Chinese medicine treatment.
Future Combat Cancer Integrative Medicine (6) implementation of the comprehensive treatment of integrative medicine to enhance and consolidate the curative effect. Comprehensive treatment, including surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immune therapy and other Western treatments, and the TCM syndrome differentiation, single-side prescription, acupuncture, qigong and other combination. Furthermore, it should focus on both physical and mental therapy. Traditional emphasis on mental and psychological impact of treatment on cancer patients, so the treatment of cancer patients not only to simple treatment of disease, but also to help patients properly treat the disease. Patients living in the social environment, social, family and the surrounding environment to help patients, help patients to overcome the pessimism and fear, establish confidence in the conquest of cancer. In addition to medicine, the qigong exercises are often both physically and mentally adjust from viruses, tumor disease has become commonly used in Integrative Medicine Comprehensive measures. Practice shows that social-psychological extension of a medical model is to improve and change one of the ways cancer treatment. Establishment of the characteristics of cancer treatment one by one system in the treatment of integrative medicine will further enhance the effectiveness and long-term survival of tumor, for the benefit of cancer patients.

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