Sweet tooth are more likely to get cancer

By | April 8, 2012

Were more likely to get cancer sweet tooth, sweet tooth who had better pay attention, in addition to dental caries, obesity, diabetes, may also be subject to cancer risk. Pharmacology Nihon University Professor Tian Feng Fortunately, the study found materials, usually people who eat high-carbohydrate foods, because their immune dysfunction, cancer risk higher than the average 4_5 times. Therefore, the Japanese Ministry of Health has already raised the amount of sugar intake per day should not exceed 20 grams.
The results of this study, because all the sugar is acidic calcium foods, excessive intake of calcium bound to conflict and the human body, makes the body appear neutral or acidic environment, resulting in reduced immunity, a variety of carcinogenic factor will take advantage of the long-term intake of high sugar foods easily lead to tumors.
To breast cancer, for example, sugar in the body break down food into glucose, and rapidly into the blood, so blood glucose concentration, insulin secretion in film and then to satisfy those who need it the organ. When carbohydrate intake decreased, the membrane a corresponding reduction in insulin secretion, but the female breast exception, it is a film to absorb excessive insulin organs. Long-term intake of high sugar foods, blood is always in high insulin levels in the state, resulting in increased insulin levels in the breast, and continue the growth and reproduction of breast cancer cells, leading to breast cancer.
Experts suggest those who like to eat sweets, biscuits, snacks, and the daily total intake of sugar should be controlled at 30-40 grams. But we eat the sweets, a spoonful of jam, about 15 grams of sugar, 3 small piece of chocolate about 9 grams of sugar, an ice cream cone of about 10 grams of sugar, a few cookies for about 10 grams of sugar … … If you do not Note 30 to-40 grams of intake is very easy to break, so be sure to limit sweets intake, diet, cereal, beans, sweet potato-based, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, especially dark leafy vegetables and carrot, tomato and so on.
Were more likely to get cancer sweet tooth, in addition, parents should control their children snacks, candy intake, so as to avoid excessive sugar intake, resulting in physical deterioration and to the cancer cells opportunity to exploit.

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