The indications of VATS

By | April 8, 2012

Indications of thoracoscopic surgery, with video-assisted thoracic surgical instruments and the constant updates, and the constant improvement of surgical technique, clinical application of VATS more and more widely, will replace the more standard thoracotomy. However, it should see the assisted thoracic surgery has its limitations, still can not completely replace open heart surgery. Thoracoscopic surgery indications are:
(1) primary or metastatic pleural malignancies, more limited if the lesions can be completed after thoracoscopic resection and therapeutic purposes. Previously used intrapleural chemotherapy drugs such as pleural effusion or cause regression method of closed pleural adhesion is often difficult to work. VATS pleural fluid aspiration can be clean, and full separation of adhesions, the lung recruitment. Then injected into sterilized talcum powder, for pleurodesis to control the production of pleural effusion, relief of clinical symptoms in patients with advanced tumors.
(2), benign lung tumors, such as adenoma, hamartoma, inflammatory pseudotumor, benign nodules ball to chest mirror is a good indication for surgery, surgical resection can be shaped by the lung model or lobectomy. Metastatic lung tumors of the lung-shaped mold for lobectomy or resection is a good choice. Benign lung disease, conventional treatment is thoracotomy or wedge resection of the lung lobectomy.
(3) assisted thoracic surgery for primary lung cancer there are some disputes. Generally believed that for peripheral lung cancer, heart and lung function if the poor can not tolerate thoracotomy in thoracic surgery at the surgery or the risk of very large, the chest cavity mirror technique is very wise choice. For early lung cancer, pleural mirror abroad for surgery is reported that such surgery is feasible, its long-term effects can be guaranteed. If the disease is allowed to standard thoracotomy should radical surgery in order to obtain better long-term effects.
Assisted thoracic surgery indications, (4) Esophageal Diseases: Esophageal leiomyoma: Esophageal leiomyoma growth and more along the Wall of the esophagus, which can thoracoscopic surgery. The growth of esophageal wall around a small number of smooth muscle tumors should be selected thoracotomy. Surgery should be avoided damage esophageal mucosa. Once the damage patch carefully to avoid the formation of esophageal fistula after surgery. Achalasia: but in severe cases, mucosal adhesion, mucosal tear and a higher incidence of perforation, should be carefully chosen.

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