Susceptible to testicular cancer, male infertility

By | April 8, 2012

Susceptible to testicular cancer, male infertility, testicular cancer is the 15-35 year-old male was the most common form of cancer, the total incidence rate was not high, usually can be cured, especially in the early stages. However, according to a survey conducted by the United States more than 20 years, greatly increased incidence in the state, and with this age is very similar to the increase in the proportion of male infertility.
American College of Surgeons Member, Male Reproductive Medicine and Medical Center, Department of Surgery, Director of board, said that by tracking a large number of cases, low sperm count or semen problems of people suffering from testicular cancer risk 20 times higher than the average person. Once the sperm of men find themselves a problem, consideration should be given once a year testicular cancer screening.
In recent years, with the industrialization, toxic and harmful gases such as the impact of sperm from the previous 20% to 40% of infertility was significantly increased.
Susceptible to testicular cancer, male infertility, testicular cancer early because no obvious symptoms, and only the tumor increased to hemorrhage, necrosis, would lead to local pain, swelling, such as the transfer has occurred will lead to lower back pain, bone related pain, urinary tract obstruction and other symptoms, they often ignored.
Of testicular cancer and the common factors of male infertility: infertility unilateral cryptorchidism Koo 30% -60% incidence of bilateral cryptorchidism is 50% -100%; reproductive tract infections station infertility more than 30%, genetic, endocrine disorders is an important cause of infertility; environmental hormone estrogen effect on male infertility increasing influence of estrogen on the incidence of testicular cancer has an important role; various physical and chemical damage.
There should be more conscious men with a history of regular checks, if you find a painless testicular swelling, hard, heavy sense of falling, light test was negative, you need to do further examination. Although hard and pay attention to the testes, but no pain when touched, which was common even when testicular inflammation and swelling of the soft texture of a significant difference.
Cause of the disease is not very clear, preventive measures are not many.
Susceptible to testicular cancer, male infertility, therefore, pay special attention to life: two years before the treatment of cryptorchidism; reduce and timely treatment of infections; reduce the physical and chemical factors such as testicular damage. Freeze or injection of pregnant women taking estrogen, so as not to cause fetal testicular lesions.

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