Implanted gastric esophageal anastomosis a

By | March 23, 2012

Implanted gastric esophageal anastomosis removal of a specimen, close the cardiac stump in gastric anastomosis to be done about 3cm in diameter, transverse incision, away from the esophageal stump 3cm, gastrostomy do about lcm at the esophageal muscle pulp and stomach muscle suture. Posterior margin of the stomach and then cut and eat the whole layer interrupted suture and then a layer of muscular wall. At this time the back of the stomach Stoma has been fixed in the esophageal wall layer suture.
Wall of the esophagus to the left of the middle stump suture line to pull a needle, the right wall longitudinal incision 2.5cm, esophageal wall are two different triangle tip of the needle suture 1, hang on the left side of the esophagus and sewn edge 2.5cm from the Department, Ligation of this suture, the two triangular pieces out of esophageal flip 180. The outer wall surrounding the food, the esophagus to form a stump after a mucosal surface of the tongue are the body. Eversion of the esophageal mucosa of the rope tight closure, eversion of the esophageal mucosa above the suture on the esophagus wall.
Implanted esophageal anastomosis for a gastric stump all the tongue to push the stomach incision in the esophagus, the stomach and the edge of full-thickness incision suture the esophageal muscular layer, and then paste esophageal muscle and stomach muscle interrupted suture. Anastomosis is completed. Esophageal replacement with colon surgery when the line can also be used in the same way.
Implanted gastric esophageal anastomosis a surgical advantages are: inner and outer wall of esophageal stump mucosa by complete coverage, food and oral secretions into the stomach through the esophageal stump, it can reduce the chance of contamination of anastomosis , is also swallowing small anastomotic tension, thus reducing the incidence of anastomotic thin; into the stomach, tongue esophageal stump valve can also play a role in preventing gastric reflux, reduced postoperative reflux esophagitis The incidence of inflammation; anastomotic site of the esophagus and stomach is not in the same horizontal plane suture, the healing process will not form part of the epilepsy thick tough marks, not easy to form a severe stenosis.

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