Esophageal and gastric cardia in the exploration and tumor resection

By | March 23, 2012

Thoracic esophageal cancer after surgical exploration should be the first foreign invasion of tumor extent, lymph node metastasis, to determine whether radical resection of tumor. Tumor and surrounding tissue was "frozen state" who, with no removal of hope that the agreement should be considered a shortcut to do or give up surgery.
Esophageal and gastric cardia general exploration and resection of bronchial bifurcation of the middle below the lower esophagus or esophageal cancer, whether the removal of the tumor, the tumor lies in the inferior pulmonary vein and aorta of the violations. The lesions in this area can be free from the diaphragm a normal part of the esophagus, with gauze around a raised, finger into the mediastinum on the relationship between the tumor and surrounding exploration. The middle of the location of the higher esophageal cancer, in addition to the lower part of the exploration of tumor, it should also cut in the mediastinal pleura on the aortic arch, from the top down to detect the tumor in order to clear the tumor on the aortic arch, spine, and trachea of the violations.
Most violations of gastric cardia cancer lesser curvature, whether the tumor resection, depending on the violation of pancreatic tumor, left gastric artery lymph node metastasis around. Ben graph on the left thoracoabdominal incision detect cancer in the door, you should first cut from the breast muscle with mediastinal pleura, through the brain tumor the size of the hole exploration and foreign invasion conditions, such as the activity of certain tumors, and then preserved single-handedly cut through the muscle incision abdominal exploration, including the left gastric artery and liver with or without lymph node metastasis. Exploration and free of tumor, we should take more sharp separation of the tumor did not re-extrusion and stretch, in order to reduce the spread of cancer metastasis opportunities.
Esophageal and gastric cardia exploration and radical resection of the tumor resection, should pay attention to the length and breadth. The length of resection of the tumor should be seen in the eye up and down more than 5cm. Removal of the breadth, should include the fibrous tissue around the tumor and all lymph nodes removed. Individual cases, submucosal carcinoma of the lengthwise along the wide violations of cancer touch the upper and lower wall thickening of the fresh or hardened, its length should be cut longer, so as not to cut off the left side there is cancer.
Esophageal and gastric cardia exploration and tumor resection for esophageal and gastric cardia, the probe no cases of radical resection of hope, given the current Chinese medicine and the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs have some of these cases should also be trying to do palliative resection. According to the lesion plus postoperative radiotherapy or drug treatment can prolong life. Individual well-differentiated carcinoma and malignant cases of low degree, you can survive a long time.

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