A stratified esophageal gastric anastomosis

By | March 22, 2012

A stratified esophageal gastric anastomosis surgical point is: cut the esophagus and gastrostomy, the mucous layer to retain a little more muscular than the muscle and plasma is about more than lcm, and were consistent with muscular and mucosal layers.
A stratified esophageal gastric anastomosis Its advantages are: esophagus, stomach mucosa and submucosa of the combined neatly submucosa rich blood supply, easy adhesion and healing, reducing the incidence of anastomotic thin; and reduce epilepsy anastomosis scar formation, reduce the incidence of anastomotic stricture rate; the mucosa layer suture broke into the valve can play a role in the stomach cavity to reduce food reflux.
Good esophagogastric anastomotic healing, in addition to consistent and meticulous, tidy and reduce the mucosa of the rope tension anastomosis, the esophagus and stomach of a good blood supply, is also an important factor.
Therefore, the esophageal anastomosis for a gastric layered esophagus and stomach in the free operation, should be gentle in, do not squeeze too hard kneading or pulling, resulting in injury of the esophagus stomach, resulting in poor blood supply, affecting anastomotic healing. Embedded in the anastomosis seam stitching or thoracic stomach shrink when, not too tight, too close, so as not to hinder the blood supply.

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