Etiology of gastric cancer – Medical understanding of the motherland

By | April 3, 2012

Medicine believes that the stomach is intrinsic of the officer positions, changes in Yan, the main receiving decomposition, the gas to and reduced ha. The function of the stomach and liver, spleen, kidney three dirty closely related.
Department of gastric cancer etiology diet disloyal, Worries over, stomach damage, caused by angry Tanning. Ming Zhang Jingyue that gastric cancer etiology and pathogenesis of the "yang" and "angry", that stomach Deficiency, yang is not based, angry on the inside, angry block the blood to form blood. Clear, "Golden Mirror of Medicine" is considered to be Sanyang hot junction, burns body fluid, three dry, the water shall not live by Google out of circulation. Stomach and rot the receiving water valley, transportation of spleen, temper Ascending, Stomach main drop, the spleen and stomach function together to complete the digestion and absorption of food, such as the spleen and stomach injuries, while lifting vector Secretary nausea, heating gas, stomach School noisy gaze. Xin Xiapi severe nausea, vomiting towards food twilight, twilight towards the spit food; places Google is not based, plot and of the heat, there is the stomach burns body fluid wrist hurt. Qing "Jing Yue Quan Shu play" that "between prolyl appetite in the chest, or sputum or blood or food product marks Yang unreasonable delay, shall not be issued and vomit food into the stomach, getting to eat the vomit and nausea the next carry." In short produce nausea leap cold barrier of permits are angry, hot junction, marks of blood, and spleen Deficiency and other food product, said.
In terms of pathogenesis, the medicine also Divergent. Which is more recognized by people in the following areas: worry about gas stagnation in the wrist, Fupi in slight pain, Xin Xiapi full and not eating. "Pent-up emotion and emotional about that. " cold off Fan Wei, heart stomach can not tolerate big pain, "that with the cold evil on port " card bad stomach, the deprivation and pain ", and related virtual bad stomach. yin and yang under the parts, blood is fire and water, up and down between the city also, the fire reduced the blood , the gas premium cloth, then place Kuoran, should the fire did not fall, the blood high, while the delay in this station; And if the gas is not cloth, the water dispersed, while the knot this carry on. " Knot of fire and water stagnation and blood related. "anti-food people out, is that the element fire," and the Deficiency on "explosion Shang Wei Yin," yin and stomach injury related. "Junior rare this disease, but more was injured but the attenuation of the" old and feeble and relevant.
50 years since the 20th century, with the progress of gastric cancer, and many scholars of the disease pathogenesis, classification and of the dialectical treatment, etc. some research, especially from the perspective of modern medicine pathological changes, immunological and biochemical systems, internal factors such as blood circulation and the state were discussed, and achieved certain results. Most scholars believe that cancer is a systemic disease involving the whole local performance is due to the long-term diet, emotional disorders, internal injuries or feelings Laojuan alien cult poison, causing imbalance of yin and yang, the body, organs dysfunction, there food stagnation, gas stagnation, bloodstain, sputum knot, a series of cult poison the rate of pathological changes, eventually leading to the accumulation of epilepsy, epilepsy, namely, the formation of cancer. Professor Qian Bowen said: air-induced disorders is an important factor in gastric cancer patients before the onset of long-term depressed more sorrow, or suffered a blow and not release such as liver qi stagnation phenomenon.
Cancer etiology, the pathological changes of gastric cancer was put into three stages, beginning by the love go rather then more, not Shu qi, or diet, damage the spleen and stomach, causing disharmony of liver and spleen and stomach qi stagnation, at this stage mild ; After the liver qi stagnation, qi Shiyi, blocking the blood network, stagnation of blood into the mark, mark each end of sputum, growing into the plot, this is the second stage; at this stage to rule if the wrong treatment failure, protracted illness, a long time Yang depletion of the gas, gas bloodstain junction, stomach disorders, blood biochemical element source, caused by blood deficiency, on the other hand because new blood is not life, not bad blood, for a long time the formation of epilepsy epilepsy; sicker patients seeking treatment have been mostly the third phase, the patients have been burned by blood, spleen and stomach, while there are other evil plot sputum real crazy side, the formation of the virtual standard of the body, causing difficulties in treatment, fear of attack and injury is evil, righting stay evil and fear, need to consider carefully the relationship between coordination complement attack.

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