Advanced gastric pathological classification of section

By | April 2, 2012

Carcinoma infiltrating into the submucosa are less advanced gastric cancer , or known in advanced gastric cancer. The deeper the cancer, the worse the prognosis, invasion to serosa than 5-year survival rate; invasion to the muscular layer of the significantly reduced.
Advanced gastric pathological type of segment, the current widely used international classification of Borrmann's gross. Borrmann according to the form of cancer in the mucosal surface and in the way of infiltrating the stomach is divided into four types: I type is protruding, II ulcerative type is limited, Tian infiltrating ulcerative type, N-type diffuse infiltrative. Pathological Cooperative Group of gastric cancer are justified on the basis of the Borrmann further divided into the following types of gastric cancer.
Advanced gastric pathological type of paragraph (1) nodular Evil Umbrella: tumor was nodular, polypoid or papillary broke into the stomach, gastric cancer and the surrounding clear boundaries. Surface often superficial necrosis or ulcer formation. This type of a considerable period of time often remain in the shallow parts of the stomach, a long time before progress to the deeper gastric wall, mostly histologically well-differentiated adenocarcinoma.
(2) discoid grass umbrella: the cancer was discoid uplift in the mucosal surface, the surface of the tumor deep edge of anger War from valgus high, cut line clear.
(3) limited customary War type: cancer has obvious anger surfaces War, ulcer diameter from lcm ~ lOcm or more, often deep ulcer at the end muscle, ulcer-like uplift dike edges, but the irregular edge of the bottom not smooth. Cancer around the boundary more clearly.
Advanced gastric pathological type of paragraph (4) Shame stain infiltrating type: cancer ulcer edge also elevated, but was sloping, and with the film around to account for ill-defined, infiltrative growth pattern, and this is limited The main difference between ulcerative.
(5) limit invasive: invasive cancer was the growth of the surrounding surface may have erosion or ulcer formation.
(6) diffuse infiltrative: Features of gastric tumor cavity was not seen, but diffuse gastric wall thickening to a significant, often exceeding 2cm. This type of microscope, one for the signet ring cell carcinoma or poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma in the submucosa or muscularis extensive infiltrative growth and caused a large number of fibrous connective tissue reaction, so that the stomach wall thickening, hardening, narrowing the stomach cavity, it is also known Phascolosoma stomach.
(7) Surface diffusion: cancer mainly in the mucosa or submucosa infiltration. Wider, but a small part of the muscle layer or myometrium is invaded outside, so it is not superficial early gastric cancer of superficial localized or diffuse.
(8) mixed type: the type of mixing two or more persons.
Advanced gastric pathological type of paragraph (9) Multiple cancer: Refers to the stomach in the same place more than two multiple foci, and disconnected.

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