Constipation brief

By | March 25, 2012

Constipation brief, whether human or animal, that is from the mouth of any food intake of biological, after digestion and absorption, will not be part of digestion and absorption of food and the body does not need things, as a stool out of the body.
Stool of healthy people 70% – 80% water, the rest of the solid body, half of which is the undigested food, the rest of the stomach, small intestine, large intestine and other stalk secretion and membrane shedding of bacteria in the colon remains. General adult defecation is 1, 1. However, some people have 2 or 3, 1, as long as there is no discomfort and disorder, also is a normal physiological state.
Brief constipation, bowel movement is a reflex action, when a person wants to stool, the colon occurs as a result of peristalsis, increased stool, stool will be transferred to the rectum, stimulating receptors within the rectum, pelvic nerve and hypogastric by impulse neural spread of primary nerve center of the spinal cord segment, while they upload to the cerebral cortex caused by Italy, if conditions permit, by the pelvic nerve impulse conduction caused by descending colon, sigmoid colon and rectal contraction, internal anal sphincter relaxation, the feces out of the body. If the condition does not permit issued by inhibition of the cerebral cortex to the primary hub of activity scheduling, inhibited the defecation.
Normal pressure to stimulate the rectum of manure a certain threshold, this threshold is reached, you can cause it means that if the cerebral cortex often suppressed defecation, increased threshold, so that stool in the intestine and stay too long, water is absorbed, and become too dry and hard, not easy out of the body and constipation. Second, there is a large intestine were fast creeping spread far called Group of peristalsis. After more than a meal in the morning or cattle production, can occur 3_4 times daily, as part of the intestine contents can be quickly pushed to the price bowel or sigmoid colon, and produce will be Italy, which is not timely if the intention to inhibit the discharge Yang, will be a long time constipation. Many people defecate in the morning with this. Do not eat breakfast, it is also intended to endure, as constipation causes.
Constipation brief, it is not uncommon, therefore, should develop the good habit of regular bowel movements a day. Secondly, some armed with toilet paper or a book to only rely on natural pressure, defecation time up to 30 minutes or so, often can lead to de-Hong, room sores, onions rooms and other diseases. Should develop good habits in order to improve quality of life.

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