The treatment of habitual constipation – diet regulation

By | March 25, 2012

Regulation of constipation diet intake of water and fat in moderation: in the treatment of habitual constipation flaccid, in addition to the above, and then eat some foods can promote colon reflected good results will be received. Such as: cold drinks, vinegar mixed with cold dishes, add spices of the dishes. Especially the morning after fasting drink cold water, cold milk and cold juice would be more effective. In addition, in order to smooth the Ambassador, you can moderate intake of fat.
Constipation diet regulation, self-made drink treatment of constipation: drink water kelp root bulbs can be treated not only to him. And can lower blood pressure. Kelp and seaweed fiber foods Po afternoon of food, especially the root in the rich kelp algae dirty water soluble acid, pectin acid, dietary fiber, which is very effective in prevention and treatment of constipation. Will quickly clean the kelp 3_4 4_5cm long root in a glass of water, sealed cup with plastic wrap, put a brush out of the evening will be the composition of kelp, the next morning empty stomach is better. Do not soak for too long kelp affect the results.
Drink drink made of honey and vinegar: vinegar is not only a seasoning, or the health of the body there was food, one of which is the lifting of the efficacy of constipation. But not to drink, because the vinegar will hurt the stomach and duodenum straw film. To select non-alcoholic cereal vinegar (health vinegar), vinegar and alcohol because not many amino acids, minerals and vitamins, the effect is not good. METHODS: In 30ml of pure brown rice vinegar or rice vinegar essence put 1_2 tsp of honey, stir into the 3_5-fold diluted with water to drink. Best after dinner drink. Different people can be adjusted according to ignorant population the proportion of vinegar and honey.
The regulation of diet constipation, drink milk, carrots: Carrots are representative of yellow-green vegetables, 100g carrots, there are 7,300 of carotene and dietary fiber and vitamins; milk nutrition. Carrots accompanied by cold milk, play a complementary role in the treatment of constipation is very place, also has anti-cancer anti-cancer effect is conducive to good health drinks. Practices: a glass of milk (about 200ml) with half a carrot (lOOg or so), do not peel the carrots mud, mixing into the milk. If using mixer, can be the carrot cut into small pieces, put into blender with milk, mixing together.

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