Classification of psychological therapy for cancer patients

By | April 9, 2012

At present, the psychological treatment of cancer patients as many as 400 kinds of ways. From a different point of view, can be divided into different types.Psychological treatment is popular abroad, according to the classification of different schools of thought, such as Freudian psychoanalysis, Rogers Centre for consultation therapy, Throne of the spirit of supportive therapy,] acoson relaxation therapy.
Psychological phenomenon of scholars based on the substance of the psychological treatment of cancer patients divided into:
Speech Therapy: Speech therapy is the theoretical basis of human mental activity is through direct experience, and aware of the language. Make people's understanding through words, emotions and thoughts change, make his whole spirit of the new look.
Non-Speech Therapy: the incoming patient information is the image of the brain directly, then through the words into meaningful understanding of intermediary activities. For example, for the patient to arrange a comfortable, elegant treatment of the environment, so that patients enjoy the beautiful Xin moving music, organization garden, painting, fishing and other activities, all belong to non-verbal psychotherapy.
Behavior Therapy: Behavior therapy mainly through the movement of patients to change their mental state. It is based primarily behavioral learning theory. This theory includes classical conditioning, operant conditioning and social learning theory.
The theory is that abnormal behavior and normal behavior, are both come through the study, abnormal behavior and its physical and mental diseases can be caused by re-learning to be corrected. Behavior therapy is commonly used to fly biofeedback relaxation therapy, systematic desensitization therapy.
According to the doctor and the patient's communication to the individual psychological treatment into psychotherapy and group psychotherapy. Awareness of the range by the size of the patient classification of psychological treatment can be divided into psychological arousal state, semi-awakened state of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.
Psychological treatment of cancer patients should be 24 hours a day, which requires health workers and family members to work together in mutual cooperation on various fronts. Medical workers should make full use of professional expertise, in the limited contact time, an active missionary cancer knowledge, to dispel anxiety, increase confidence, so that patients do not feel terrible. To take advantage of family affection, in their daily lives, and actively improve the external environment, a good grasp of mind, with treatment, so that patients are not alone.
In short, the psychological treatment of cancer patients is a part should not be overlooked, a good state of mind not only a good therapeutic effect of catalyst, and its own unique method of treatment is also a lot of anti-cancer health psychology star verify this a role.

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