The pathogenesis of malignant ascites

By | April 9, 2012

Tumor involving the peritoneum is the most common cause of malignant ascites. Primary peritoneal carcinoma mainly mesothelioma, a rare clinical; secondary peritoneal cancer is more common in women with ovarian cancer, most men in most gastrointestinal cancers, others such as malignant lymphoma, mesothelioma, Uterine cancer and breast cancer may also cause. These tumors account for all cases of malignant ascites more than 80%. Prostate cancer, multiple myeloma, malignant melanoma also reported the cause of ascites.
The pathogenesis of malignant ascites of two kinds:
One for the center of ascites, the Department of venous or lymphatic obstruction caused by;
The other is around the ascites, the spread of tumor nodules on the peritoneal surface caused by stimulation of fluid secretion.
Other relevant factors include:
Promotion of vasoactive substances from the normal peritoneal fluid into the peritoneal cavity of peritoneal rapid transit.
Under normal lymphatic drainage channels and leap plexus invasion by tumor, it weakened to remove excess liquid.
the original plasma angiotensin peptides increased activity levels and wake up solid intoxicated.

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