Rational nutrition in cancer patients

By | April 9, 2012

Rational nutrition in cancer patients for the maintenance of normal health, disease prevention and treatment is very important. Studies show that about 5% of cancer patients has been associated with malnutrition in the time of diagnosis, and died of cancer patients, the malnutrition rate is almost 100%. Clinical nutritional status cancer patients is an integral part of cancer treatment is very important to a treatment. No matter who (or a variety of normal patients) need good nutrition. The wasting disease of cancer, the supplement a reasonable variety of nutrients is especially important.
From the above that, the basic nutrients the body needs a variety, in which dietary nutrients Less. Unfortunately no one food can meet the needs of all nutrients, which requires the choice of food species should be a reasonable match. Reasonably balanced diet should meet the following requirements:
1. To have a variety of nutrients have enough energy to ensure that the needs of life and consumption activities; have the appropriate amount of protein for body tissue repair, update needed to maintain normal physiological functions; to make a full composition of minerals in tissues and the regulation of physiological and biochemical functions; be rich in vitamins ensure that the normal life activities; have the right amount of fiber to help intestinal motility and normal excretion and reduce the retention of harmful substances in the body; have sufficient dimension relies on a variety of water the normal physiological function.
2. Have a reasonable meal arrangements under normal circumstances, three meals a day, two meals a reasonable interval of time 4-6 hours. In case of digestion and absorption of cancer patients is reduced, under the circumstances to take smaller meals.
3. To be able to promote the appetite, ease digestion and absorption of cancer patients in a variety of causes loss of appetite and digestion and absorption reduced. So, the choice and cooking of food, they need to pay attention to food's color, smell, taste, and also easy to digest and absorb.
4. To ensure food hygiene, disease resistance in cancer patients generally weak, the use of food to ensure hygiene in order to avoid food poisoning and causing other physical damage.
Rational nutrition of cancer patients to meet the supply of nutrients, you need to learn from each other in all kinds of food with each other. A balanced nutritious meals to choose several types of food. Select the main provider of energy food category, meat, eggs, milk, beans, the main supply of protein, vegetables, mainly to provide vitamins and minerals, plus make up the main cooking oil fat, especially unsaturated fatty acids.

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