Anticancer drugs – Zhunzi

By | April 25, 2012

Anticancer drugs – "Zhunzi", according to the State Drug Administration approval of new drugs with the relevant provisions, where to obtain "Zhunzi" No anti-cancer drugs, have been pharmaceutical research, pharmacology, toxicology (acute and chronic toxicity), drug quality standard test, drug stability experiments, , , period, period, clinical validation.
Clinical validation of which is designated by the State Drug Administration new drug clinical research base (must be a tertiary level hospitals) were, to put into clinical use of similar drugs have been compared and group effects were observed, after statistical processing, scientific testing , the indicators are required to meet the national drug approval requirements, and then periodically review the organization of national experts conducted a number of new drug review, there were markedly be approved.
Anticancer drugs – "Zhunzi," an anti-cancer drug research to clinical validation from the start, the final approval would take at least eight more years, after the drugs approved in the specified standards of modern pharmaceutical GMP Factory production, the production of each batch of drugs to be drug testing after passing through the factory, the price of medicines is also qualified by the pricing department of the provinces a reasonable price only after the sale. This shows that the state cancer drug approval, production and marketing is very strict and scientific, so any approved "Zhunzi" anti-cancer drugs are certainly effective, drug side effects or toxic side effects, and is China's current In the field of cancer research with a representative of the drug, is used to make up for surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and other treatment of the deficiency, and is unable or unwilling to undergo surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy among patients with medication, can ease the pain of advanced cancer patients, save a lot of the lives of patients and improve their quality of life and survival rate of more than five years.

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