Nursing patients with cancer drug

By | April 25, 2012

Nursing patients with cancer drugs, cancer as a common and serious harm to human health, have become an increasing concern in society. Although at this stage of the tumor at the molecular and cell biology has made great progress, but there are still many basic questions unanswered, its etiology and pathogenesis is still not fully understood. Has been demonstrated that tumor growth is not the normal control of infinite potential, a local spread to the surrounding normal tissue and the body's ability to transfer to distant organs, while each has its own unique history of cancer and the spread of the type. So bring extremely difficult to treat, for both the experienced specialists is also a great challenge.
Medication care cancer patients have been diagnosed in the first case, as soon as the development of a comprehensive, practical, feasible treatment plan, the most important program objectives, namely to achieve the goal of therapy is. Is a radical or palliative, if possible, cure, treatment programs should actively, often in surgical resection, tumor cells often do not seek a stay.
Palliative care is generally possible to relieve the suffering of the patient, to maintain near-normal function of organs, increasing survival time of patient's life, that is, the benefits provided to the patient than the risks of treatment. Currently the main treatment for cancer are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. In the actual clinical work, these three methods are not independent, in most cases establish priorities or the first or after, we are discussing here are mainly used oral antineoplastic agents. Systemic antitumor effect of tumor diseases are now many clinical applications, has accumulated a wealth of experience, specialists can be basically rational use of these drugs, and is used in combination.
Nursing patients with cancer drugs, chemotherapy is intended for the selective toxicity of tumor cells, to maximize the killing, while host cells without harm, or at least harm to the host cell. But the reality is not a man of imagination, because normal cells with tumor cells the difference is very small, usually both anticancer drugs inhibit the proliferation of cells, but also toxic to normal cells divide, which is commonly the result of anti-cancer chemotherapy Sometimes due to drug toxicity to normal body lead to chemotherapy was interrupted. So we want to have an anticancer correct understanding of the principles of master agents, which the dosage of allowing the death of tumor cells but allows proliferation of cells in the normal recovery.

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