Anti-cancer, eat fish twice a week at least

By | April 8, 2012

Anti-cancer, eat fish twice a week at least, Japan, Korea, Scandinavia, Iceland low incidence of female breast cancer, the study found that the locals like to eat deep-sea fish has a great relationship.
Fish contains essential amino acids and omega fatty acids can inhibit cancer cell formation, prevent cancer cell reproduction. If you eat twice a week negative, can reduce breast cancer recurrence rate.
Finnish researchers have found that some cancer cell growth, may be in the Omega fatty acids in fish inhibit the Shan, and deep-sea fish are often rich in these fatty acids. But not all cancer cells are inhibited by the fish park, in general, better for breast cancer and lymphoma. Qinhong true that, sardines, herring, fish, salmon and so contain more fish oil, squid ink also contains a unique anti-cancer substances.
It should be stressed that the fish actually eat the body good, but this is only an adjunct treatment and prevention. In fact, the most effective method of breast cancer prevention or in treatment and early detection of drug-based, can not be taken lightly.
Self-examination, at least once a month check, the method is to use the pulp in order from outside the top, the top, the bottom, touch the outside bottom of the breast and areola, if you feel a lump or sclerosis, breast skin edema, depression, areola are wet Yan-like change, shall immediately request the specialist treatment to confirm the diagnosis.
Anti-cancer, eat fish twice a week, especially in menopausal women, the body prone to fat metabolism disorders, excessive fat can cause increased synthesis of estrogen and prolactin, stimulate breast tissue, leading to breast cancer. Therefore, menopausal women also need to guard against breast cancer.

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