Steaming, boiling, bubbles one by one to eliminate the carcinogens in food

By | April 8, 2012

Steaming, boiling, bubble eleven elimination of carcinogens in food, certain foods contain chemicals, such as nitrite glue, aflatoxin and other strong carcinogenic effects. Nitrite glue and the mouth, esophagus, pancreas and other gastrointestinal cancers is closely related to contamination by aflatoxin and liver cancer is the food. Therefore, the reduction or elimination of carcinogens in food, the prevention of cancer has a positive meaning. Now introduce some simple methods to help eliminate or reduce carcinogens in food.
1. Boiling
Common foods are mostly volatile nitroso compounds, together with the steam when boiling volatile, and can accelerate the decomposition of its carcinogenic effect lost. General boil 15-20 minutes, you can eliminate most of nitroso compounds in food.
2. Sunlight irradiation
The sun can damage food or food nitroso compounds, usually six hours in direct sunlight can achieve good results. Exposure, the need to pay attention to the solid food into small pieces.
3. Hot water brewing
Nitroso compounds as a fat-soluble volatile substances, for the two methods does not apply to processed foods, in hot water (600C or so) soaking 2-3 times to reduce the carcinogens in food.
Steaming, boiling, bubbles one by one to eliminate food carcinogen, 4. Slowly eat a lot of chewing
Can stimulate the salivary glands secrete saliva, enzymes in saliva has a strong anti-cancer effect, in addition to the cancer-causing toxins in food.
Also, try to eat more fruits and vegetables, because they are rich in fiber, minerals and other chemical constituents of inhibition of cancer cells. Among them, vitamin C can inhibit the conversion of nitrite nitrite rubber, to prevent the possibility of cancer.

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