Too many sweets increased risk of pancreatic cancer

By | April 8, 2012

Too much sweet food increased the risk of pancreatic cancer in most people's minds, pancreatitis, gallstones, cholecystitis is the bane of induced pancreatic cancer, without these diseases, it is not all that is needed? Swedish researchers in the "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Science "magazine published the article pointed out that excessive intake of sweets and sweetened beverages increases the risk of pancreatic cancer.
Researchers conducted a survey followed for 8 years, and found people who never drink than sugary drinks, sugary drinks twice a day, who drink, get up to 90% of pancreatic cancer risk. Because of excessive intake of sweets will increase the burden of the pancreas, if pancreatic overwhelmed, it may induce cancer.
The high-fat, high protein diet also reduced the release of the gastrointestinal tract to stimulate choline and other hormones increase the sensitivity of the pancreas of carcinogen. Therefore, people who socialize more, the best to eat less meat, drink less sweet drink, eat bread and water, to protect the pancreas from damage.
Note that, in the cooking process, the oil temperature is too high can make the meat break down the amino acids and proteins of pancreatic cancer induced by heterocyclic aromatic gum category. Therefore, in the cooking process, the oil temperature is lower.
In addition, there will be some time after surgery patients feel "tasteless", and the family tend to think of ways in the diet on the "transfer a pattern." But no matter what food is to minimize the sugar, the pancreas to produce insulin because the base excision part of the islets, the insulin secretion are affected, and sweets may increase insulin secretion, so that recovery of the islets is "overload" work will affect the speed of healing the pancreas.
Too many sweets increased risk of pancreatic cancer after surgery the best food is green vegetables, especially fibrous vegetables such as celery.

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