Malignant “Skin Alert”

By | April 8, 2012

Malignant "skin alarm" cancer in its occurrence and development of the process, it is prone to skin lesions. Such as yellow skin disease, common in hepatocellular carcinoma, cholangiocarcinoma, film adenocarcinoma; skin purple epilepsy, more common in leukemia, myeloma; generalized vitiligo, often complicated by prostate cancer; spiders swelling of the liver occurs in liver cancer patients. If some of the early detection of skin anomalies and timely treatment, will be beneficial to cancer early diagnosis and early treatment.
1. Acanthosis nigricans
Gastrointestinal tumors, especially gastric cancer of the neck, armpits, perineum, navel, etc. symmetry prone skin hyperpigmentation, and the emergence of skin hyperplasia, progressive expansion and so on.
2. Erythema
Breast, lung, skin erythema occur in the trunk, buttocks, one is a mound sore redness, itching cancer significantly. The other is the line of creeping back like erythema, was grainy, and the morphological changes can be fast moving, there was thin itching. Generalized erythroderma may be lymphocytic leukemia, malignant histiocytosis with early changes signal.
3. Skin melanosis
Widespread metastatic malignant melanoma, the skin changes may appear black. If violations of the adrenal by cancer cells, can cause adrenal insufficiency, can not suppress the pituitary melanocyte stimulating hormone, black skin changes may also occur. Pituitary tumors can be caused by the assassination of melanoma cells in hormone secretion, resulting in increased skin pigmentation, color black.
4. Dermatomyositis
Visceral malignant tumor incidence of DM was 20% _ 30% more common in lung cancer. Performance of eyelids, nose, cheeks, forehead and purple skin around the nail spot. Furthermore, there symmetry, progressive proximal muscle weakness and other inflammatory diseases.
5. Zoster scars of the skin only member of Lufthansa
About 12% of cancer patients with lesions of ribbon-like marks Yan, older patients, the merger rate is higher, the most common malignant tumor in the lymphatic system. Esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, and so will be associated with zoster lesions mixed tumor.
Malignant "skin alert" 6. Migratory phlebitis
Such diseases prevalent in the film adenocarcinoma patients, especially tail membrane body cancer and cancer of the intravenous membrane area, there will be swelling, pain, and to walk is characterized, generally 2 – 3 weeks reduced.

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