Will cancer genetic?

By | April 21, 2012

Will cancer genetic? This is the cancer patients and their children are worried about the problem. It can be said that some rare disease is a clear tumor genetic in nature, such as the current view that embryonic adrenal gland tumor, adrenal cancer and children, retinoblastoma, with a more definite hereditary. These cancers are characterized by early age of onset, and often with bilateral disease, the genetic material found there, mostly missing. If people find hereditary retinoblastoma patients with deletion of genetic material Genome phenomenon. There are dry skin coloring genetic disease, prone to skin cancer.
Study found that patients with dry skin color of the skin cells lack a DNA repair enzyme, when said body irradiation, the UV on skin cells in the DNA molecules injury, normal people have repair enzymes, DNA damaged it does not matter, DNA repair enzymes can repair this damage better. The color I see King wow dry skin disease lack this enzyme skin cells, DNA repair are not in the tomb on the basis of skin cancer-prone. The disease is a rare, but suggest further study of human body to be on the impact of the external environment and the ability to repair the injury in order to change the environment to reduce the incidence of such diseases.
Has confirmed the following tumors have a genetic tendency, but not definitely genetic, but higher than usual incidence of it. Such as:
Will cancer genetic? (1) If a parent with familial colon cancer with multiple colonic polyposis, about 5% of their children may have the same kind of cancer.
(2) The risk of lung cancer in close relatives, their children smoking, the risk of lung cancer 14 times higher than the average person.
(3) breast cancer if a mother or sister with breast cancer, then I have the possibility of this disease, such as female than 3 times higher
(4) leukemia in monozygotic twins, I really kind of a suffering from leukemia, another risk of leukemia among species and 1 of every 5 people.
National Research Centre, in recent years has conducted a comprehensive survey investigated a total of 2283 cases of cancer survivors, the 2308 children, the results found only 71 were cancer. The 3604 control group not suffering from cancer, children of parents in 4719, there were seven cases of cancer. Two sets of figures were not statistically significant, indicating that children who suffer from cancer than those who are not children of cancer risk has not increased. This shows that most cancer is not significantly heritable.
Data from clinical and epidemiological data show that some cancer is a family-oriented. That is, some members of a family suffering from the same type of cancer, such as Western Shijiazhuang Shiqiao 3 generations of a family of 24 people, as much as four people suffering from digestive tract cancer . Also cited in the literature, Foshan, Guangdong 5 generations of a family of 38 members, 11 members as much risk of nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
Family of tumors with genetic factors play a role, or a family inherent in common life habits, diet characteristics, living conditions caused, has not been determined. But above that a small number of cancer patients there is a clear genetic species, and genetic predisposition, and familial. However, most cancers are hereditary non-existent.
Will cancer genetic? Can confirm that, regardless of the existence of genes, or cancer genes and genetic predisposition, etc., are generally fairly stable and will not easily suffer from cancer, except in the long-term carcinogenic factors only under repeated stimulation of cancer mutations . So as long as they feel comfortable, mental peace, away from all kinds of bad habits to overcome cancer-causing factors, but there is no need to worry about suffering from fear of cancer. Just keep a mental and physical health of the body is not cancer. Because the family home or who have cancer (more unfounded fear, mental depression, reduced ability to autoimmunity, the cause of cancer incidence, cancer is much more than genetic factors and family factors such as genetic predisposition.

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