Cancer can infect

By | April 21, 2012

Can cancer infection in cancer treatment, the head of a patient's doctor was asked whether the infection of cancer? In the community hospitals at all levels, whether it is general hospital, to a variety of patients including cancer patients, on the same wards, such as serious illness rooms can accommodate six patients, including cholecystitis, gastric ulcer, colon cancer and other needed; or special types of cancer hospitals, the same good to different wards of cancer patients and found no non-cancer patients were infected with cancer also found no special kind of hospital infection between patients. The study looked at the same time, the health of animals and animal cancer kept together, after a long observation, and did not find a healthy animal is infected with cancer, cancer of the same animal.
Cancer can infect, the state administrative department of health by the expertise of hospital staff investigation concluded that decades of work in the hospital doctors, nurses, dealing with long-term and cancer, specifically types of doctors, nurses, cancer incidence, no better than general hospital doctors, nurses incidence. There are family members of patients with long-term companionship, there was no long-term exposure to each other because of the fact that infectious cancer. Moreover, the Ministry of Health did not use cancer as a disease to manage, but do not need any isolation.
May 1996 the World Health Organization (WHO) report, there are three cancer and infectious diseases, namely cancer, liver cancer, uterine cancer are related with the virus or bacteria. The problem is caused by these viruses can infect the occurrence of cancer, but not contagious cancer. Some people worry that one of the causes of cancer is a virus, since the virus can cause cancer, is as infectious as liver cancer? So some people made a special study, in volunteers inoculated with the live cells, the results are not a voluntary were due to vaccination and cancer. Because each person has a foreign tissue rejection by function, or for allogeneic transplant much easier.
Can infect cancer, so cancer patients, whether in hospital or at home, do not need to take quarantine measures. Relatives of patients who come to visit or accompany, the problems do not have to worry about infection, cancer simply not transmitted.

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