High-risk groups into the various types of cancer

By | April 21, 2012

High-risk groups into the various types of cancer, (1) high risk of liver cancer are:
previously thought living and working in the south, especially south-east of the 40_50-year-old middle-aged men at high risk. Held in Wuhan from 1994 the national old age into the information seminar foot cave assassination shows that in North China, Northwest China, Northeast China's middle-aged men who drink the pathogenesis of many hobbies, and even higher than the South because the South drink not urging people to drink wine, go with the flow are more. However, in the north, it is a hundred dead Lai to drinks upon request, people drink, over time the formation of fatty liver and alcoholic liver naturally more.
with people in these areas the habit of eating fermented foods, especially with really fresh food by aflatoxin or unclean.
patients with chronic hepatitis B surface antigen positive. Species of Xi'an Medical University of experts studies have shown that in the above case, if there are any social psychological factors (such as social terrorist activities, war trauma, etc.), can be mutated to liver cancer.
(2) high risk of lung cancer is: not to mention the long-term in the dust under the work, or long-term living in the air pollution index exceeded the national standard of regions, cities, mining and other places in the crowd and the South China 40-70 Sui of smoking history of the the elderly are susceptible to high risk of lung cancer.
(3) high risk of breast cancer is :40-60-year-old middle-aged female, mainly women before and after menopause, especially those who really have family history of cancer.
(4) high risk of esophageal cancer are: applications for elderly men and women aged 40-70, working in the north or rural areas, especially in Henan Province, Hebei Province, a high incidence of esophageal cancer, with a history of smoking, poor diet , a family history of cancer.
High-risk groups into the various types of cancer, (5) for the high-risk groups of gastric cancer: application of 40-60 year-old male, smoking habits, eating unclean, moody, or who have chronic stomach.
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