The relationship between age and tumor

By | April 21, 2012

The relationship between age and cancer, from the domestic and international statistical information on age and clinical tumor incidence very close relationship. Age from a variety of malignant tumors of view, the hump-shaped curve depicted, there are two peaks.
First, is the children of the tumor, may be genetic deletion of this body before the age of 10 nervous system development has not been perfect and susceptible to blue off the tumor.
The relationship between age and cancer, in tumors from real life older people can be found more cancer, particularly drama people over the age of 40. Gradual increase with age, the incidence of cancer increased gradually as age increased continuously jump, gradually come to the aging process, decreasing the body's immune function.
The human body, there are two immunity:
First, humoral immunity,
Second, cellular immunity, in cell types play an important role in the immune T-cells in the blood in the elderly the absolute index decreased significantly. Cellular immune function associated with thymosin levels in the blood, began to reduce from 40 years of age. While reflecting the cellular immune function of the number of lymphocytes in the blood gradually decrease.
The relationship between age and cancer, these phenomena show that with age, the body of tumor resistance and defense are reduced. Of course not 10 – 40 age who is not suffering from cancer, but the whole relatively low incidence of it.

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