What pathogenic factors of laryngeal cancer

By | December 1, 2011

Laryngeal cancer occurred in smoking, drinking in the history of the elderly. High incidence of laryngeal cancer is 60 years old, rarely occur in young people, nearly 10 years of data shows that the incidence rate of laryngeal growth trend. Throat is an important speech organs, the treatment of laryngeal cancer patients, not only have an impact on the speech organs, but also have a profound impact on mental patients. Laryngeal cancer treatment factors, in order to preserve voice function in patients with laryngeal cancer, the medical profession has been explored in many comprehensive treatment methods, such as partial laryngectomy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy combined applications. Comprehensive treatment of laryngeal cancer is aimed at ensuring the control and cure rates for the same premise as far as possible to retain vocal function and swallowing function.
Factors useful in laryngeal cancer treatment over the sound, chronic laryngitis, poor diet, chronic esophageal reflux, dust inhalation, and exposure to nitrogen mustard, asbestos and ionizing radiation. Whether smoking hookah, cigarettes or cigars treat laryngeal cancer are important factors in laryngeal cancer, alcohol consumption and laryngeal cancer related, and can promote the carcinogenic effects of smoking, but some of the military denied drinking and laryngeal cancer relationship. Smoking, alcohol consumption, lack of co-carcinogens and the role of nutrition in the throat, and the results expressed in alcohol effects of supraglottic laryngeal cancer was significantly greater than the impact of the glottis.

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