Thyroid cancer radiotherapy

By | December 2, 2011

Thyroid cancer accounts for 1% of all cancers in the endemic area of endemic goiter, thyroid cancer, especially of poorly differentiated thyroid cancer incidence is also high. After years of extensive research, the currently accepted form of thyroid cancer, there are two main factors, namely, internal factors and external factors, but the main factor is caused by the internal factors, namely, the incidence of thyroid cancer and genetic factors have a certain relationship. Thyroid cancer radiotherapy techniques are the following:
Thyroid cancer radiotherapy technique (1) of the two wedge-shaped oblique angle irradiation technology field.
Thyroid cancer radiotherapy technique (2) electronic line before a single radiation field: According to the TPS program will be asked to choose the appropriate thickness of the wax block, the oil filling yarn can be satisfied to ensure that the thyroid dose of cervical lymph supply, and the spinal cord is in the low dose region However, severe skin reactions, it is generally not curative dose given alone, with the use of high-energy X ray, in order to achieve radical content.
Thyroid cancer radiotherapy technique (3) X ray and electron beam irradiation hybrid technology: high-energy X ray before and after the first round according to Ono or single-field X-ray irradiation prior to when the cervical central block of lead DT36Gy 3cm, to X-ray irradiation, blocking part of the energy with the appropriate e-rays. not only ensure adequate target dose, but also by the volume of the spinal cord in a safe dose range.
Thyroid cancer radiotherapy technique (4) small mantle field irradiation technique: before and after the field is through technology for both high-energy X ray. Before the spinal cord after cervical spinal cord does not block the lead block of lead, two-day field are irradiated, the dose ratio before and after the field was 4: 1. Reference dose in the cervical anterior vertebral click around. DT40Gy, the spinal cord tolerance dose is still within the amount, and the thyroid gland, neck and upper mediastinum have been satisfied with the dose of irradiation. Finally, the lower bound on the dosage will be moved to the level of sternal notch, to wear a bilateral level or two before the field of oblique wedge-shaped radiation field, so that the total dose to achieve cure.
Above introduces several thyroid cancer radiotherapy, in the actual application process should be based on the specific circumstances of the patients take reasonable radiation field, but also in the same over the course of treatment were used to complete different irradiation technology the total radiation. Implementation in the dose, dose fractionation by conventional means: sub-dose 200cGy, 1 day, 5 times a week. Ono irradiation 5000cGy, and then reduced dosage of wild areas for the residues to the 6000 ~ 7000cGy, pay attention to the amount of spinal cord do not exceed the tolerance.

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