Chronic diseases early gastric cancer

By | December 1, 2011

There are many chronic diseases early gastric cancer, precancerous gastric chronic diseases are mainly the following:
Cancer early stomach chronic diseases (1) atrophic gastritis, gastric glands may be due to atrophy, decreased gastric acid free, pH value increased, the stomach bacteria increased, the increase in the number of nitrate-reducing bacteria, nitrate and to the stomach Nitrite and glue together to form carcinogenic nitroso compounds provide the necessary conditions.
Early gastric cancer with chronic diseases (2) gastric intestinal metaplasia, colonic type metaplasia has been that the incidence of gastric cancer is closely related. Factors accounting for the stomach, intestinal epithelial metaplasia, its cell structure and enzymes contained in it like a normal jejunal epithelium, can absorb fats, such as aflatoxin, benzo wander and other polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons fat-soluble carcinogens, although the rapid transit can absorb but not so absorbed in the stomach carcinogens Bo membrane stay too long, which led to excessive absorption of gastric cancer.
Early gastric cancer with chronic disease (3) gastric ulcer, ulcerative cancer is generally believed that occurs around the ulcer to teach film, parts of the mucosa of these activities occurred in the ulcer cheap bad, the repeated destruction and regeneration that occur under chronic stimulation cancer. Gastric polyps into hyperplastic polyps or polypoid adenoma two categories. 59% of polypoid adenomas associated with cancer, polyps larger than 2cm, multiple polyps, sessile malignant polyps is higher.

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