What are the common precancerous lesion?

By | October 28, 2011

According to the site of lesion precancerous lesions of different common are:
A common precancerous lesions, skin and mucous membranes
(1), leukoplakia, and often occurs in the mouth, esophagus, vulva and cervix of the film, pathological changes were hyperplasia and squamous keratosis.
(2) swelling of the liver susceptible to the friction parts of the pigment.
(3) keratosis senile skin.
(4) skin disease of dry pigment.
(5) prolonged skin ulcer unhealed chronic sinus, caused by the long-term chronic stimulation of proliferation of squamous epithelium, may induce cancer.
Second common precancerous lesions, breast
(1) breast cystic hyperplasia (breast disease), caused by endocrine disorders, mainly as palpable breast sizes within the boundary of medium texture, not very clear tumor nodules, can contribute, sometimes accompanied with menstrual related cyclical pain, pathology associated with intraductal papillary hyperplasia prone to cancer.
(2), intraductal papilloma breast, about 6% -8% of the patients had malignant transformation possible.
(3), fibroadenomas, often solitary, hard, smooth surface, clear boundaries, promoted in the mass, there may be malignant.
Three common precancerous lesion of digestive system
(1) chronic atrophic gastritis and gastric ulcer.
(2), colon, rectal polyps, especially those with family history and multiple persons, cancer more likely.
(3) chronic hepatitis B and cirrhosis.
Four common precancerous lesions, reproductive system
(1) phimosis, including dermatitis. (2) Cervical Health rotten, can cause skin regeneration Ren, recurrent squamous epithelial dysplasia led to the further development of the child cancer .
(3) The mole may develop into choriocarcinoma.
(4) Hidden Gu disease.
Fifth, other parts of the body in some parts of the benign effect of some factors may also be transformed into cancer.

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