Ultrasound examination of gastric cancer

By | April 2, 2012

Because ultrasound can clearly show the level and structure of gastric wall, in recent years been used for the detection and staging of gastric lesions has been gradually increased. In particular the development of endoscopic ultrasound, and its early stage in identifying gastric cancer and advanced gastric cancer lymph node involvement Judgement conditions and other aspects of the advantages of the ultrasound examination of gastric cancer more attention.
Ultrasound examination of gastric cancer (1) transabdominal ultrasound B: Gastric B-ultrasound examination and fasting usually routine inspection of liquid filling the two methods. Subject to inspection should be routine in the fasting gastric conditions and check to see the case of intra-abdominal other organs, the normal gastric wall in the high-resolution ultrasound image can be displayed as five layers, from the inside out by the sound of two high and low M M sound the same layer is separated from the corresponding structures with the stomach tissue.
Normal ultrasound images with the following characteristics: in each scanning level, the expansion of the stomach with a good degree of gastric wall thickness of 4mm to 5mm, a small number of normal thickness in the distal gastric antrum can be a little more than 5mm, stomach wow the five-story structure is clear, showing continuous form, without interruption. Ultrasound examination of gastric cancer, when tumor-infiltrating gastric wall, then see the stomach wall thickness more than 5mm, and more than 6m in the antrum at 1 to 8mm, other changes can be seen can not expand or narrow stomach, stomach wall stiffness, immobility required, stomach IE Ordinary level disappears, the stomach wall layers in a layer thickening, mucosal ruffling rough, when the sustained expansion of the stomach, the stomach of the sound decreased, gastric mucosal changes and the polypoid lesions.
Because gastric cancer showed a wide range of hard to stomach a low voice-based infiltration, thickening, some thickening of the stomach with irregular or polyps, a lack of stretching of the stomach and the stomach associated with stenosis. Worlicek ultrasound examination that the application method of filling the stomach, the stomach can detect polyps, gastric wall invasion and submucosal lesions, especially for hard in the stomach cancer examination.
Ultrasound examination of gastric cancer (2) Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS): endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) can clearly show the five-story structure of gastric cancer, according to tumor location and in the various layers of echo types, can be estimated depth of invasion of gastric cancer, another around the organs in the diagnosis of regional lymph node metastasis is important. In recent years, undertaken a wide range of foreign non-surgical treatment of early gastric cancer, such as laparoscopic surgery, endoscopic therapy, both highlight the results of EUS examination.

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