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Gastroscopy with brush cytology taken and biopsy forceps, is the most reliable means of diagnosis of gastric cancer, diagnosed three together up to 95% or more. Early cancer can present as a small color mucosa, or mucous membrane granular, or slightly elevated, or hollow, or stiffness and other minor changes suggest the possibility of cancer by cytology and biopsy and were confirmed. Biopsy forceps at least six specimens, so that it can reduce the misdiagnosis to a minimum.
Gastroscopy (1) Early gastric cancer: cancer invasion limited to the mucosa and submucosa of gastric cancer, regardless of lymph node metastasis. In addition to the small gastric cancer and gastric cancer outside the small can be divided into three types: I-type bulge-type, II type superficial type (IIa superficial protruding, IIb superficial flat type, lIe superficial depressed type).
Small foci of gastric cancer is the maximum diameter of less than lcm of early gastric cancer: small foci of gastric cancer of less than O.5cm; endoscopic biopsy diagnosis of cancer, but surgical biopsy specimens were not found in foci known as Advanced Micro Devices, cancer, belongs to small cancer. As superficial lesions, the morphology can only appear as local mucosal changes in the color shades into mucosal surface roughness of flu, or see spots hyperplasia, erosion, such as depression or ulcerative changes, endoscopic lesions suspicious doctors do close observation and meticulous, accurate and scientifically forceps lesions to improve the positive rate of biopsy.
Multiple reports in recent years, the incidence of gastric cancer significantly rising trend, and its found significantly different rates (12.07% _15.2%), which may be different from the relevant inspection methods gastrectomy. Multiple gastric cancer accounts for about 10% of all cancer cases. Multiple gastric cancer can be divided into three types, namely proximity: Bing kitchen close to each other; are separated by type: lesions above interval 2lmm; multifocal: Gastric lesions were more than 4. Missed diagnosis of multiple gastric cancer has the following characteristics: the concentration of many in the mucosal layer, the size of the majority in more than 5mm, most lesions in the upper gastric, pyloric part and small bend.
Multiple clinical and pathological features of gastric cancer, such as the widely used Moertel criteria: The lesions were from the pathological point of view proved to be malignant transformation; between the various lesions histologically normal gastric mucosa and that there are separated from each other ; a lesion, not from other locally advanced or metastatic lesion from the cancer tissue type is differentiated adenocarcinoma and undifferentiated adenocarcinoma. Due to multiple possible increase in the incidence of gastric cancer, gastric endoscopy doctors to be alert to small, easily missed diagnosis in particular to understand the playing rules, targeted to be careful and thorough examination.
Gastroscopy (2) of advanced gastric cancer: advanced gastric cancer is stomach cancer has invaded muscle, serosa layer, regardless of tumor size or metastasis of apricot, usually Borrrnann's classification divided into protruding, ulcer localized, ulcerative infiltrative, diffuse infiltrative type IV, the specific discussion see pathology section.

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