The performance of X-ray diagnosis of stomach cancer

By | April 2, 2012

X-ray examination of the stomach to provide a reliable basis for diagnosis of gastric cancer receive regular meal examination methods because of its limited early gastric cancer detection rate is very low. 60 years of the 20th century pioneered by Japanese scholars, double contrast air lock, the scope for determining lesion size, lesion and the relationship between the whole stomach, surface characteristics and other aspects of disease shows its unique advantages compared to endoscopy is superior. Currently advocated to carry out the double contrast examination combined with endoscopy to improve the diagnostic rate of early gastric cancer.
The performance of X-ray diagnosis of gastric cancer (1) X-ray findings of early gastric cancer: early gastric cancer by pathological and X-types can be divided into four types.
protruded (I type): see circular filling defect in the stomach, tumors were round or oval-shaped uplift, uplift height greater than 5mm, the base generally wider, clearer boundaries.
superficial type (IT-type): can be divided into three subtypes.
IIa type: uplift height of no more than 5mm, the local integration of the stomach area disappeared or destroyed, this type of need and polypoid adenomas, small leiomyoma and other identification;
IIb type: integration of the stomach area lost or damaged, irregular patchy changes, the lesion had no significant uplift or depression of the changes, the most difficult and limitations of this type of gastritis or benign ulcer healing scar of identification;
IIc type: pale form lesions less than 5mm deep depression, irregular margin, lesion area around the stomach and gastric damage small ditch and disappeared, not up to the edge of ulcer, the stomach can sometimes see the outline of the limitations of rigid sense.
depressed type (field type): Xin Ying is irregular, the depression depth 5mm above the surrounding mucosal folds showed Fan abruptly, like shape, variable tip or an example of such malignant ulcer-like X-ray features. Field type is most common in early gastric cancer, but also easier to be found.
mixed type: a type of two types of the three above features, the IIc + III type were more common, followed by type IIa + IIe.
The performance of X-ray diagnosis of gastric cancer (2) of advanced gastric X-ray findings: advanced gastric X-ray and pathological pattern closely related to the classification by Barrmann's divided into four types:
grass umbrella: the growth of tumors mainly to the gastric lumen. filling defects seen in x ray based, height greater than 5mm, base width, uneven surface, edge is not the whole, no significant Xin Ying.
Local ulcerative: tumor growth mainly to the gastric wall. x ray film showed irregular Xin, deeper than 5mm, into a ring dike around the bulge, the edge often accompanied by finger notch and fracture sign. Compared with the identification of benign ulcer from Xin Ying should pay attention to the shape, location and ulcerative changes in the mouth and around the stomach and nearby areas such as analysis of the situation.
infiltrating ulcerative: Xin Ying deep, around the bulge, edge irregular, ill-defined, surrounded by creeping away.
diffuse infiltrating type: gastric tumor growth along the main flat mucosal surface, gastric lesser curvature disappears, stomach edge stiffness, creep away.
The performance of X-ray diagnosis of gastric cancer (3) different parts of the gastric cancer and gastric special cross-War X-ray findings:
Select the door Cancer: swallow lock inspection agents blocked the lock can be seen, diversion, change in elevation angle was often involved oral lesions caused by esophageal stricture, rigidity, and irregular filling defect in the gastric tumor invasion when the fundus and the left breast widened the distance between the muscle.
the body of stomach cancer: the stomach was "gourd-shaped" narrow body of stomach, irregular stiffness, peristaltic wave disappeared.
gastric cancer: gastric tube may be funnel-like or narrow, or was tapered, stomach rigid boundaries are still clear, lesions proximal gastric motility when a strong wave can be caused by "shoulder foot sign" or "cuff sign "pyloric stenosis can cause serious obstruction.
diffuse gastric cancer: diffuse infiltration of the gastric cancer, the reduced stomach capacity, location, elevation, gastric peristalsis disappeared, such as leather pouch. When lesions involving the pylorus, then emptying, making the stomach can not be filled.
gastric ulcer cancer: When the War of the mouth healthy anger have nodular hyperplasia, the individual receiving the mucosal fold over the edge was kind of ulcer-like or interruption; have small pieces of ring dike formation, shallow ulcer, larger should be considered have the possibility of malignant transformation of benign anger War, the need for timely inspection for further examination or surgery.

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