Ultrasonic imaging diagnosis of gastric cancer

By | October 23, 2011

Ultrasonic imaging diagnosis of gastric cancer because of its non-invasive, radiation-free and cheap, easy and convenient, it has almost become a cancer diagnosis and treatment of most routine screening method. Although it is not confirmed. But it's still a lot of use and diagnostic value, and deserves our attention. Gastric ultrasound imaging diagnosis is very good.
(1) showed that the tumor size, shape, internal structure.
(2) the occurrence of the tumor location, growth pattern, depth of invasion.
(3) understand the relationship between tumor and adjacent vital organs.
(4) Understanding the liver, abdominal lymph node metastasis.
(5) the efficacy of conservative treatment of gastric cancer observed means.
(6) monitoring and recurrence after resection of gastric cancer.
(7) can be identified is to teach film outside the tumor or because of gastric tumor suppression.
Gastric cancer diagnosis for ultrasound imaging, ultrasound-guided needle biopsy of the tumor. B-clinical diagnosis of gastric cancer liver metastasis most commonly used method to diagnose liver metastases 1 cm in diameter. Experts believe that the diagnosis of liver cancer rate of 90%, higher than that of CT and other imaging diagnosis.

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