Check method of Gastric Cancer

By | October 23, 2011

A characteristic of gastric cancer, which is prone to metastasis, the cancer grows in the stomach, can infringe other local organs, can also be through the lymphatic system, blood system, distant metastasis, as well as the tumor grew to the outside of the stomach, breaking the stomach serosa, tumor cells fell from above, planted to the abdominal cavity, pelvis and ovaries. Therefore, the diagnosis of gastric cancer subsequent to know is that after the stage, and simply, is the transfer of it? This is not only with the prognosis, is also related to the development of treatment programs. Some patients diagnosed with gastric cancer after endoscopic doing to rush to surgery, on further examination often can not understand, in fact, at this time a full staging examination of tumor in the body can not be avoided and the situation is very important.Metastasis of gastric cancer examination methods are there?
Gastric most vulnerable local infiltration and metastasis to the liver metastasis of gastric cancer examination method, do well to find B-liver metastasis and pelvic lymph nodes, if there is an exception, it should do CT examination, routine chest X plain film can found that most of the lung metastases, if there is headache, dizziness, vomiting, must wonder whether the tumor is transferred to the head, brain CT can now be clear.
(1) of lungs in the chest plain film, if necessary, chest CT;
(2) the liver and other abdominal organs-B Super, if necessary, CT;
(3) abdominal lymph node-B ultrasound, abdominal CT;
(4) the head of a head CT, if necessary, magnetic resonance imaging;
Metastasis of gastric cancer according to their own inspection methods to examine the situation of Kazakhstan, do not blindly following conclusions.

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