Clinical stage of pancreatic cancer

By | October 23, 2011

Many of the clinical staging of pancreatic cancer, each with its representation, but also reflect its characteristics, the key issue there per lymph node metastases. At present there is no a general classification, now few of the more commonly used classification method is introduced:
(1) Hermreck's staging (1974) Section I: tumor limited to pancreas
Section E of the clinical stage of pancreatic cancer: tumor invades adjacent tissue only,
Section III: Regional lymph node metastasis has been
Section N of: liver and other distant metastases have been
(2) Adama stage anatomy amended (1983)
Anatomical staging of pancreatic cancer
T1: <2 cm, confined to the pancreas
T2: 2 6 cm, confined to the pancreas
T3:> 6 said: violations outside the adjacent pancreatic tissue
NO: per lymph node metastasis
N1: when the laparotomy only one lymph node region N2: two regional lymph nodes have been violated
N3: Clinically, can reach regional lymph nodes
(3) Classification of pancreatic cancer Li Qian (1989)
Of clinical stage I pancreatic cancer: T1NOMO
Tl: tumor in the pancreas, solitary, usually <2 cm
NO: per lymph node metastasis
MO: Yuan blood supply transfer
H phase: T2N1MO
T2: Pancreatic cancer is beyond the pancreas package, generally <5 cm, has invaded adjacent tissue, bile duct or duodenum, or bile duct lesions in multiple
Nl: the first leg of lymph node metastasis has been
Dish of: T2-3Nl-2MO
T3: Cancer has invaded the stomach, spleen or abdominal tissues such as the portal vein after pancreatic or
Mesenteric vein, pancreas, usually> 5 cm
N2: second leg of the lymph nodes have been transferred
N on: T2-3Nl-3M1
T4: Cancer has been the consolidation with the surrounding tissue
N3: lymph node metastasis has been the third leg

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