The principles of the diet of cancer patients

By | April 12, 2012

Foods for cancer patients in cancer treatment, the diet is the most basic maintenance treatment, the most important factors. Reasonable diet, proper food choices, attention to dietary health, is completely preventable, reduce and fight against cancer. Many foods all have anti-cancer effect, the use of natural anti-cancer foods in the diet therapy in cancer prevention and control measures in the user-friendly.
(1) additional one off a variety of nutrients needed for good intelligence in order to maintain patient care status, and enhance immune function to support the anti-cancer treatment, should complement the human body needs a balanced variety of nutrients. Sufficient heat to ensure the life and the need for adequate consumption of protein for body tissue repair and update. Salt form to make a full body tissues and regulation in physiological and biochemical functions; is rich in vitamins ensure that the normal life activities; have enough fiber to help intestinal motility and normal excretion of harmful substances in the intestine to reduce the residual foreign , need to add enough water to maintain normal physiological function.
(2) to give three high and one low three high and one low diet diet should be: high in vitamins, high protein, high fiber and low fat. Because cancer generally poor appetite and digestion and absorption function, and three high and one low-diet can not only get enough nutrients, but also reduce the greasy foods, is conducive to digestion and absorption of cancer patients, the patient's appetite
advocates eat food: vegetables, fruits, eggs.
(2) The amount of control of food: eat properly cattle, sheep, pig meat; Avoid foods: fried, fatty meat, broth, organ meats, lard and other oily materials.
(3) alternating supply of vitamins mainly vitamins from fresh vegetables and fruit. If the intake, should be given to the natural vitamin supplements.
(4) coarse and fine with a simple change of polished rice noodles as a staple food habits, proper deployment of a certain proportion of coarse grains such as whole wheat flour, corn powder. At the same time the diet should increase the variety of beans, fungi, algae, and nuts.
(5) increasing the juicy eat less food because cancer patients, anorexia, more appropriate to some juicy food, such as fresh fruit juice, milk, all kinds of soup, can pay, but also add nutrients, but also helps the body residues cancer, metabolic toxin excretion, played the role of a real tonic.
(6) eat more fish (including fish) and other aquatic products, and yogurt drinks as a daily diet should be made of the daily consumption of Lactobacillus acidophilus yogurt, preferably low fat or no fat yogurt. Fresh fish as much as possible, including fish and other aquatic products.
Foods for cancer patients, (7) the proper use of medicated centralizer centralizers should be subject to the general treatment of cancer patients, a positive attitude towards righting, active anti-cancer ability to regulate the body a good way.
(8) Food and individual therapy of cancer patients with tumors because the nature, location, stage of disease and treatment methods, and individual differences, therefore, as important complementary measures of food cancer therapy, should be individualized, because people, time due to case-specific.
(9), meal arrangements and reasonable under normal circumstances, three meals a day, two meals a reasonable interval of time 4-6 hours. But cancer patients are often impaired digestion and absorption may be a way to take smaller meals.
(10), cancer patients should be absolutely taboo food taboo smoking, drinking, Eat Xin dry cold, greasy Feigan food.
(11) to ensure food hygiene and disease resistance in cancer patients generally weak, so to ensure food hygiene to avoid food poisoning and other body damage.
Foods for cancer patients, from the above that, people need to break a variety of essential nutrients, dietary nutrients in which less. Unfortunately no one food can meet the needs of all nutrients, which requires the choice of food should be a reasonable match. A balanced nutritious meals to choose several types of food. The main provider of food class of heat; meat, eggs, milk, beans, the main supply of protein; vegetables provide vitamins and mineral major; cooking oil major added fat, especially unsaturated fatty acids.

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