Diet to restore cancer patients

By | April 12, 2012

Diet to restore not only improve the nutritional status of the patient, the patient's immune system to strengthen and improve the quality of life, but also improve the treatment of cancer patients tolerated the surgery, after surgery to reduce or prevent infection, the wound healing as scheduled and improve cancer patients on tolerance of radiotherapy or chemotherapy to reduce their toxicity. Nursed back to health, including diet diet nutrition, enteral nutrition and parenteral nutrition.
For the performance of the patients had malnutrition should be given supplementary nutrition therapy. More serious situation of malnutrition in patients, should pay attention to nutrition support therapy, in addition to increasing dietary nutrient addition should also be given the right amount of parenteral nutrition therapy. Can not properly feeding the cancer patients, nutritional therapy should be given to dependent, that is, the nutritional treatment of most of the total proportion of the treatment program, this time one by one to intravenous high parenteral nutrition high nutritional therapy. This period the nutritional needs of cancer patients in addition to basic nutritional needs to maintain normal life activities, yet to increase the tumor growth caused by anemia, infection and need for additional anti-cancer treatment nutritional needs, nutritional needs of high quality and large quantities, and require complete component.
Diet to restore cancer patients, a reasonable diet is adequate source of nutrients. Had cancer, because patients loss of appetite, nutrition intake, physical deterioration, so the cancer patient's diet to restore all the more important. Because patients can be nursed back to health through diet improved body condition, thus improving patient tolerance to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, is conducive to disease, treatment and rehabilitation. Cancer patients undergoing surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, more or less will cause the body's nutritional disorder. So, for a cancer patient, the diet to restore it is very important.
Common method of oral nutritional supplements, nasogastric feeding, ostomy tube feeding. Only in patients with no appetite or not eating from the mouth when the stoma with a nasal feeding or tube feeding.
oral diet. This is the best way to intake, all patients should be encouraged to eat from the mouth.
nasal feeding meals. Nasal catheter inserted into a rubber or plastic so fed nutrition. For coma, extreme anorexia and some oral surgery patients. Generally high heat flow of food or a combination of milk, should be careful to take the speed of eating, a time not too much filling, each with 300-500 ml is appropriate, given 4-6 times daily. Food temperature should be maintained at 37-38, too cold, too easy to cause reactions.
After stoma stomach or intestinal tube feeding. Stoma through the gastrointestinal tract, with a rubber hose or plastic tube feeding. Thick nasal feeding more than food.
Diet to restore cancer patients, total parenteral nutrition. That is, high intravenous nutrition is adequate heat and amino acids from the infusion. Generally applicable to more than 2 weeks can not be the appropriate nutritional intake, requiring rapid infusion by the flow.

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