Oral cancer induced by smoking

By | April 12, 2012

Smoking induced cancer, smoking can harm not only confined to the respiratory tract, so smokers will not smoke higher risk of occurrence of leukoplakia was 3-4, and leukoplakia can cause oral cancer, the occurrence of precancerous lesions.
We can say that cigarettes can be "smoked" export cavity cancer. Smoking smoke temperature is very high, but would also produce small amounts of radioactive radiation, these physical stimulation of oral epithelial dysplasia, resulting in mucosal thickening of the stratum corneum gradually, some people can be induced leukoplakia, and if not treated, there is mucosa leukoplakia patients are very likely to develop oral cancer.
Smoking induced cancer, the other from the smoke produced when tobacco tar, which was dissolved in saliva after the salivary light brown. Saliva contains a number of protection of the body have been, antioxidants against cancer, but mixed with tobacco tar, not only the loss of human saliva protective effect, but also the saliva with the "toxic" as the destruction of normal cells of the killer, and constantly stimulating Su mucosa, but also induced a variety of mucosal disease and periodontal disease.
Therefore, smokers have to observe any abnormal changes in the oral cavity, oral mucosa if the local color pale, clear boundary, when the feeling of licking astringent, not smooth, thickening, etc., to be highly vigilant of the occurrence of leukoplakia possible. Particular attention, prominence and rapid growth of mucosal lesion, accompanied by ulcers, bleeding and pain and other symptoms, do not rule out the possibility of cancer.
Smoking induced cancer, this time, aggressive treatment at the same time we must immediately quit. Because the treatment of leukoplakia quit smoking and leukoplakia of great significance.

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