The impact of surgical treatment for women

By | April 1, 2012

The impact of surgical treatment for women 1. Radical hysterectomy: radical hysterectomy is a surgery used to treat some of the early cervical cancer . Surgeons removed the uterus and fixed uterine ligaments in the pelvic cavity (a fibrous tissue), are also close to the cervix and cervical resection of 1-2 inches (1 inch is approximately equal to 3.33 centimeters) long vagina. The Palace cancer or ovarian cancer, hysterectomy is removal of less tissue. If it is 50 years younger than women, doctors usually try to keep the side of the ovaries (including fallopian tubes). Side of the ovary can produce enough hormones, prevention of early postmenopausal women. Because the uterus is removed, there will be no menstruation occurs. Women over age 50, the surgeon will usually remove both ovaries. This procedure does not change the ability of women feel sexual pleasure. Although the vagina becomes shorter, but around the clitoris and the rest of the vaginal lining retains the previous sensitivity. Women do not need the presence of uterine or cervical to achieve orgasm.
In hysterectomy, some women feel that they no longer are women, who describes himself as "an empty shell", so that negative thoughts will affect their sexual function and orgasm. Cancer can cause pain or bleeding during sexual intercourse, while hysterectomy can stop these symptoms, improve quality of life of women. Although the vagina becomes shallower, the couple should go to adapt to this change. In sexual intercourse before the more time caressing the length of the vagina and to increase the excitement. If it seems too shallow vagina, women can use some method to her partner have the same depth of feeling, the outer labia for women, top coated with lubricant and the thigh when the leg clamped in sexual intercourse. She also during sexual intercourse, combined hands on each other's penis.
The impact of surgical treatment for women 2. Radical bladder resection: radical resection is the treatment of bladder cancer bladder surgery. Surgeons will remove the bladder, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, vagina and ureter O on the wall to accept the surgery is usually passed menopause women, and most remain sexually active.
This surgery is usually removed half of the vagina, but more properly re-poured with a width of the vagina. Both vaginal reconstruction have their own advantages and problems. When the penis into the vagina narrower, the beginning may cause pain, especially if the bladder of women who had received radiotherapy, will make the vaginal wall of a lack of flexibility. When the shallow and wide again when vaginal intercourse would be more easy. In any case, because the change in the depth of the vagina, the penis may be more difficult to insert. Try to keep the current surgeon general in front of the vaginal wall more to improve these problems. Patients can use any number of ways to reduce pain during intercourse, such as the use of lubricants, taking hormone preparations and the use of vaginal dilators. If there is continued pain sexual intercourse between husband and wife can touch with each other to achieve orgasm.
Surgical treatment for women 3. Abdominoperineal resection: abdominal perineal resection for the treatment of colon cancer, the removal of the lower colon and rectum, also do colostomy combined thin mouth in order to facilitate fecal excretion. Abdominal perineal resection control of female reproductive organs will not hurt feeling or orgasm nerves. Some women may feel they are less vaginal lubrication, in particular those who received ovariectomy. If so, you can use water-soluble lubricant to help increase comfort during sexual intercourse. Some sexual positions can cause discomfort or pain. In the back of the vagina during intercourse because the rectum does not support care, making the vagina more mobile. A number of organizations to support can be placed in the vagina and uterus in the pelvic couple catchy place to try different positions for sexual intercourse. If you are using skin graft or flap to reconstruct the vagina, the following described as "all internal organs removed pelvic Law" will help. As to how to avoid colostomy thin mouth affects sexual life, see the description of the next paragraph.
The impact of surgical treatment for women 4. Perineum cancer treatment (the mons pubis resection): perineum sometimes to radical cancer surgery and she begins to treat. After excision of mons pubis, urethra and vagina as lost as mats, so when wearing tight-fitting underwear more often cause discomfort. And around the vagina from the appearance look very different. Women worry about their partners because of junction teachers and the loss of the external genitalia, and fear and their contacts, especially if they love to mouth and stimulate the female sex as a part of this. Some women can take advantage of the size of the labia reconstruction surgery.
Women receiving resection mons may have problems reaching orgasm. External genitalia, especially the clitoris, in women's sexual pleasure plays an important role. For some women, the vagina is not as sensitive areas. Women also noted that after the operation of their genital area numb sensation would be restored after a few months. In contact with the area around the vagina, especially the urethra, gently caressing and use a lubricant to help prevent pain stimulation. If the knot crazy organizations to become narrow vagina, the penis may cause pain to enter. Sometimes the vaginal dilator to help expand the vaginal orifice. When the knot crazy is serious, the surgeon may use the flap to widen the vaginal opening. When she begins the lymph nodes were removed, women often have swelling in the genital area and legs. This may cause pain and fatigue, but also may cause problems during sex. Between husband and wife must have good communication to deal with these problems.
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