Cancer patients and healthy lifestyle

By | April 1, 2012

Cancer patients and healthy lifestyle, the relationship between lifestyle and cancer, the same as the relationship between diet and cancer, there are two sides. The correct way of life is conducive to enhancing health and improve immunity, reduce carcinogenic hazards.
The bad way of life, or reduce the body's resistance, or damage to their health, or increase the carcinogenic hazards. Away from cancer, have to change unhealthy lifestyles.
Cancer patients and healthy lifestyle, specific measures are:
Do not drink, not to pay too much wine. Do not smoke, but also to avoid passive smoking.
Frequent bathing, dressing, reduce long-term exposure to certain carcinogens.
To avoid exposure, because UV-induced skin cancer with the role of field work to the attention of prevention.
Do not overwork, fatigue, decreased immune function can, resistance decreased.
Keep your exercise (activities at least once per week), improve immunity.
Should be the law of life do not often stay up late, staying up late will disrupt the normal biological clock, causing the body dysfunction, reduced resistance.
Establish the concept of health, protecting the environment, prevent pollution, prohibiting excessive deforestation, over-exploitation of resources and not to waste resources.
Learn to self-testing and self-examination. Do high-risk groups for early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment.
Cancer patients and healthy lifestyle, and if you have cancer, to overcome the negative psychological, through active treatment, improve quality of life and prolong survival.

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