Tertiary prevention of tumor

By | April 1, 2012

In 1981, the World Health Organization, the use of human knowledge and methods currently available, half of the tumor can be prevented, and half of the tumors can be cured, one third of the tumor after effective treatment can prolong life improve the quality of life.
Correspondingly, the experts proposed three-tier prevention of cancer.
Tertiary prevention of tumor 1. Primary prevention: the cause of prevention, mainly through improving environmental health, change unhealthy lifestyle, proper diet, and strengthen labor protection, and to prevent cancer. Lung cancer, skin cancer, cervical cancer, esophageal cancer and other primary prevention and can significantly reduce morbidity.
Tertiary prevention of tumor 2. Secondary prevention: immediate early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment. To achieve the "three early", the key is to self-monitoring, regular medical examinations. Experts believe that one-third of cancer through early diagnosis and treatment, access to good effect.
Tertiary prevention of tumor 3. Tertiary prevention: that is, through proper treatment, recovery time, to prolong life and reduce suffering. Tertiary prevention is the key to correct diagnosis and treatment options to prevent disease progression to an early cure, restore function and promote recovery, improve quality of life.
Tertiary prevention as long as their duties and fully play its role, cancer would not be "incurable", the World Health Organization's three one-third to will be achieved.

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