The clinical manifestations of lymphoma

By | May 1, 2012

1. The clinical manifestations of lymphatic
(1) The main symptoms: The disease occurs in the neck and under the collar, followed by the armpit and groin, sputum nuclear (evil nuclear) erection of a hard and flexible, no pain. Deep common in the mediastinum and gastrointestinal tract, thus leading to local invasion and compression symptoms such as difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, palpitations, epilepsy product mass, abdominal pain, bloating, then closed barrier, abdominal pain, diarrhea, ascites. Very few occur in other organs, such as the tonsils, nasopharynx, may have difficulty in swallowing, nasal congestion, nasal resistance, etc.; epilepsy seen in the liver and spleen volume, flank pain and yellow plague, etc.; in the respiratory tract can occur cough, hemoptysis, chest tightness, Suspended drink (pleural effusion), etc.; in Confucianism may have localized bone pain, pathological fracture; as seen in the nervous system, headaches, paralysis, epilepsy, etc.; in the skin can have mass, nodule, the wind group, skin itch and so on.
(2) Other symptoms
Heating: Heat Multi irregular, the majority of depressed patients because of sputum block, gas-poor, depression and fever, or qi stagnation bloodstains, an intermittent fever; also be filled with hot poisonous or persistent feelings of cult poison may heat reclaim, if the heat back visible sweating; a few occur in the liver and gallbladder in patients with cult poison, and there cold and heat exchanges (periodic fever).
weight loss: more than 10% weight loss based disease symptoms, due to disease course of time, blood Hao Shang, imbalance of yin and yang and the spleen and stomach, poor appetite, water, grain refined material can not absorb and use Erzhi. See early course of weight loss, see the big meat to make off late, but there cachexia.
itching of skin cancer: a more meaningful patient-centered clinical symptoms. Focal lesions thin the Ministry of itching occurred in the local lymphatic drainage area, lean body itch tends to occur in the deep lesions such as mediastinal or abdominal cases.
pain: about 1 / 2 20 minutes after drinking patients, the lesions occurred there pain. The symptoms may appear early and increase with disease development, when the temporary relief after the treatment or disease, pain, reduce or go away; disease recurrence Shiyou appear.
The clinical manifestations of lymphoma 2. Diagnosis of malignant lymphoma performance can be diversified, in the course of disease and development, in addition to characteristics of lymph nodes, most patients still need to combine modern medical diagnostic examination methods. The following can be used as the basis of this diagnosis:
(1) own or physical examination element was found painful, progressive local or systemic lymph nodes.
(2) The local lymph nodes causing compression symptoms of tissues and organs.
(3) violations of the lymph nodes caused by the corresponding local symptoms and signs.
(4) lymph node biopsy or other pathological examination confirmed the diagnosis of this disease.
(5) by modern medicine, such as X ray, lymphatic imaging, radionuclide, CT, etc. found in the corresponding lesions.

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