Lymphoma Overview

By | May 2, 2012

Overview lymphoma, malignant lymphoma (Malignant Lymphoma) is a primary malignant tumor of the lymphatic network organization. Traditional non-malignant disease and syndrome name, but patients with lymph nodes under this description, the name Chinese common cards have "cold crazy," "lost glory", "Stone blast" and "evil core" and so on. There is characterized by its skin color change, superficial, as both the Chinese "Yin blast" category.
Overview lymphoma, malignant lymphoma incidence in the world vary widely, the incidence of low incidence of approximately 1/6-1/4 European countries, Japan, 1 / 2, ranking cancer 11-13 bit. More common in this disease, the young, male to female ratio was 3, about 5% _6% of the patients had family history. Cause of death in cancer in children, leukemia and central nervous system tumors among the row after the third. Lymphoma is divided into Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in two categories. Lymphoma after treatment the survival and disease type and clinical stage, HD post-chemotherapy 5-year survival was 80.5%; the number of low-grade NHL, survival time was 5.1 — 7.2 years, intermediate grade for the 1.5 — 3.4 years, a high degree of malignancy of 0.7 — 2.0 years. in the same type, stage of disease sooner, the better the prognosis; type and disease in the same period, the children and the elderly poor prognosis.

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